Prepare your heart to warm: Here's the first photo of Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers

'You Are My Friend' will premiere October 2019.

Sony Pictures

Although we have yet to reach this October, fans of Mister Rogers are already excited for next October. That's when Tom Hanks will take on the role of the famous PBS children's show icon in the feature film You Are My Friend. The movie will tell the life story of Fred Rogers, and earlier today, Sony Pictures gave us our first glimpse of Hanks decked out in a red sweater. See their photo below:

Mister Rogers is one of those figures who seemed to embody all that is good in the world. Tom Hanks has a reputation that's nearly as charming. So everyone knew the casting was going to be a heartwarming call, but likely few were prepared for this press photo to bring the sunshine like it does. Hopefully it made you smile (even if we would've expected to see Mister Rogers pulling his shoes off).

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Sheri 70 months ago
I LOVED Mister Rogers as a child and as an adult. I don't think I want to see Forest Gump become Mister Rogers.
Has anyone heard about the death on the set of the Mr Rogers movie? Apparently, I think it was a sound man fell off something, and fell two stories to his death. Filming of the movie has been suspended indefinitely. I think the ghost of Fred Rogers has made his presence felt, and his opinion known on how he feels about this movie being made.
DanTravis 70 months ago
With that face, he would be better as Lady Elaine Fairchilde.
Barry22 70 months ago
I'm waiting for 'The Captain Kangaroo Story' starring Jack Black.
Better yet, instead of Jack Black, {which is a good choice,} why not cast an Aussie? Oh, say like Hugh Jackman. The casting would be just as good, as when the "powers that be hired a certain Welshman to portray a certain US PRESIDENT. I remember some folks saying that with all of the talented actors in this country, they couldn't find one that looked like Nixon? Who I never thought Anthony Hopkins resembled. Who's next? Oh, The Life Story Of Jim Henson, as portrayed by, Vin Diesel? Shari Lewis as portrayed by Cher?
stephaniestavropoulos 70 months ago
Having a charming reputation, is not the only prerequisite to bringing a character [especially when one is portraying a real person;] to life. It also helps if the actor that is portraying said person, resembles them, as well. To me Tom Hanks doesn't. He looks like he's trying to be the Oriental version of Mr Rogers. That would be fine if he were, but he's not.
Honestly, they ought to leave some people just rest in peace. There's already a documentary on Mr. Rogers. PBS has done one too. Let the truth be the truth, why put a spin on anything other. Tom Hanks (likeable as he is) hardly needs this "gig" either. Of all the celebrity people on this earth, Mr. Rogers deserves NOT to become another commercial venture. That wasn't what he was about.
IS THERE ANY WAY {aside from no longer logging on to this site,} TO STOP SEEING HIS PHOTO?!?! {Perhaps I should try closing my eyes as a scroll down for a few second.. That should work.} Sorry, I needed a venting moment. "Stephanie, contain yourself. Remember, you are in a 'public place.'" I don't even like Tom Hanks, a whole heck of a lot. He just seems too nice. There's just something about him that rubs me the wrong way. He sort of creeped me out before, but seeing him like this, didn't help matters any.
stephaniestavropoulos 70 months ago
He doesn't even closely resemble him. Heart warming?!?! More like heart burning.
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