Monk joins the MeTV lineup beginning Sunday, July 18

Monk teams with Columbo for a dynamic detective duo!

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Love good mysteries? It doesn't take a detective to find them. Tune in to Sunday evenings on MeTV starting July 18 for two of television's greatest sleuths. 

Columbo moves to a new time at 6PM | 5C, as we start from the very beginning with 1968 pilot film Prescription: Murder. Then, at 8PM | 7C, stay tuned for two hours of Monk

Like Lt. Columbo, Adrian Monk has his quirks. After a reclusive three years following the mysterious death of his wife, the former San Francisco Police Officer emerges as a private detective, though hobbled by a number of compulsive habits and phobias. Tony Shalhoub (WingsThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) starred as Monk for eight seasons of the detective series. The role earned him three Emmy Awards for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, and five further nominations. Yep — he was nominated every year the show aired!

Monk notably featured guests stars John Turturro  (who also took home an Emmy for his appearance as Monk's brother), Jason Alexander, John Favreau, Howie Mandel, and country legend Willie Nelson. Speaking of music, Randy Newman also won awards for his memorable theme song.

Be sure to start from the very beginning and watch the two part premiere, "Mr. Monk and the Candidate," on Sunday, July 18 at 8PM | 7C.

Watch Monk on MeTV!

Two Full Hours

Sundays at 8 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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Pilaf 2 days ago
Monk does NOT belong on ME TV! PLEASE reconsider!
TomJerryMightyMouse 3 days ago
While I appreciate that you're trying to vary your shows, I'd prefer you don't add newer shows like "Monk". I'd instead prefer you don't add shows after the 70s. In fact, what I'd really prefer is that you'd don't add shows from after April 12, 1970. That's April 12, 1970. So, you can add anything before that date but not after. That also includes the movies you show on your Saturday evening anthology show, too. In fact, here's some requests.
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour (with Bugs Bunny and Road Runner intros intact)
Cool Cat, Merlin the Magic Mouse, Daffy, Speedy, Porky Pig, Bosko, Buddy, and Inki cartoons individually, as separate cartoons from The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show.
The 1960s Tom and Jerry Show with original intro intact. (You have NO REASON not to air this, because all the scenes against black people are edited out.)
Fox and the Crow
Mighty Mouse Playhouse
The Heckle and Jeckle Show
The Woody Woodpecker Show (50s and 60s version, with intros intact).
Felix the Cat (50s and 60s version, with original intro intact. And I want the ORIGINAL intro, not that foolish "redone" version with 80s-style music.)
Popeye (1960s, you're already airing the 50s and older ones, but air the 60s ones)
Hot Wheels (1969)
Yogi Bear
Top Cat
Scooby-Doo (1969-70 episodes only. No 1976 episodes. No Scrappy. None of that.)
Basically every other Hanna-Barbera sitcom.
The Archie Show.

Plus, here's some superhero cartoon requests for H&I, too.:
Fantastic Four (1967)
Spider-Man (1967)
The New Adventures of Superman (1969)
The Adventures of Batman (1969)
Aquaman (1968)
Space Ghost and Dino Boy (1966)
Herculoids (1967)
Birdman and the Galaxy Trio (1967)
Just, please keep The Adventures of Superman, and Batman (1966).
Also, air The Wonderful World of Disney. Here's movies to air.:
Dumbo, Bambi, The Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, Song of the South.

If you're unable to air these movies, I'll just get the clips from them on 8mm film.
Also, here's more shows to air.: Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse; Batfink.

Also, air the 60s King Features cartoons such as Beetle Bailey, Snuffy Smith, The Beatles, and Popeye.

Also, air the 60s Mr. Magoo cartoons, and 60s-1970 specials.

Also, air Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, and air the 1969-70 episodes of Mayberry, R.F.D.

Air The Brady Bunch.

And TAKE OFF anything from after 1970. This includes post-April 1970 episodes of Carol Burnett and Ed Sullivan.

Also, I thought of something else. When you show logos at the end of shows, try to show logos from the original airings, or from pre-April 13, 1970 airings. This means DON'T PUT the Orion or MGM logos at the end of Filmways shows. Only show the 1969 Paramount logo at the end of Desilu shows. And don't put a logo at all at the end of CBS Enterprises shows like the pre-1960 Desilu shows which CBS bought in 1960.
Also, I think this channel should also air daytime quiz shows such as “Supermarket Sweep (1965-67)”, “The Honeymoon Race (1967)”, “What’s My Line”, “I’ve Got A Secret”, “To Tell the Truth”, “Wheel of Fortune (early 1950s)”, “The Price is Right (1956)”, “The Match Game, and Jeopardy (early-mid-late 1960s-1970)”, as well as the 1969 prime time quiz show, “The Generation Gap”.
Also, air the 1960s movies, “Dr. Who and the Daleks”, and “Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.”

Plus, air the James Bond movies, and the Pink Panther movies.
Also, air the “Yellow Submarine” movie.
retired2019 4 days ago
With Columbo on at 5 o’clock, my Sunday evenings are all screwed up 😝🤣
MarkR58 4 days ago
One thing can be said, METV has just topped "new Coke" as the blunder of the century
Pacificsun 5 days ago
Ought-oh, in this marketplace they put the beloved Columbo on at 6:00pm followed by Monk at 8:00pm. That's sure to ruffle some feathers. But at least the Columbo episode is a good one: Prescription Murder!

Bye-bye Mash!
MASH is still on MeTV But it's on Weeknights at 7pm EDT/6pm CDT
True, I know. But some viewers can't get enough of certain Shows. Also, certain timeslots can be pre-empted by their local affiliate (especially with the News).
PAF 5 days ago
Alright let me see if I get this straight, Mannix, Barnaby Jones and Cannon do the graveyard shift during the week. While Remington Steele and Hawaii Five-O were shelved but Monk which already airs on what ten other channels not exaggerating this show is everywhere, gets a plum timeslot on Sunday nights. Now I know Columbe also airs on another network but Monk is in overkill. and sorry I'm not a huge fan of this show. Why air it when its already on H&I yes I know Star Trek is too, but sorry to break this to you MeTV but Monk no matter how many seasons it was on is not Star Trek which is far more iconic just my opinion. If you wanted to shake up you Sunday schedule fine, but this isn't the show to do it with there are other classic detective series that I know you have access to that would have fit better, again just my opinion.
Pacificsun PAF 5 days ago
I thought your argument was interesting! That’s why I spent time on the reply.

I don’t pretend to have sat around the MeTV conference room table discussing the merits or not. So nobody needs to read any further!!

Just couple of guesses:
Weigel has easy access to H&I programming. Easy on the budget. Remington and Hawaii Five-0, maybe not so much, availability and budget wise. But MeTV wanted to freshen to freshen up the summer lineup.

There hasn’t been a show MeTV has introduced so far in the history of the network that hasn’t earned it’s such of protest! A select group of people had a fit about cartoons taking an hour away from Westerns on the weekend. But cartoons have settled in nicely.

MeTV probably checks (first) with advertising to confirm Monk is doing well enough in its own marketplace. If it IS, that’s the key to borrowing it.

Mannix, Canon and Barnaby Jones is a stellar lineup for the night-owl’ers, and DVD savers. Viewers can’t have every preferred show airing in Prime Time! It'll never happen.

Finally there’s going to be overlap, that’s just how it works.

The day they touch/disturb/move the ST franchise from H&I as it's running nightly, they lose half their viewership. And as a supporting digital channel, it couldn’t pay for itself quickly enough. Which might cause the network / channel to be dropped in many places. But they've also got a really nice lineup of action/adventure dramas.

Our market already lost Decades when CBS sent it packing.

There’s a library of great action/adventure dramas out there! They just can’t get them all. The ideal would be rotation, but I don’t think that works for the sponsors. Or they would’ve done it. The NBC Mystery Movie was excellent; good comments still come in about that series.

Nothing changes your opinion, that is to be respected, but it never hurts to consider a few other factors. Essentially Monk took the place of an extra hour of Gilligan. I don’t know what they’ll do with the additional hour beginning next week. But am sure other viewers have figured it out, already.
Pilaf Pacificsun 2 days ago
"Barnaby Jones?" Poor old Buddy "Ebsen" looks pretty pitiful, trying to chase the bad guys.
Pacificsun Pilaf 1 day ago
I haven't watched it lately. I'm pretty worn out just getting through Cannon. (I like his voice!). So does Barnaby actually do the chasing ... or does he have his minions do it, so he can make all the comments, like Matlock does!
BeachBaby 6 days ago
I suppose this is an unpopular opinion, but I think Columbo and Monk will make a fun Sunday night line up. My spouse and I are looking forward to it!
CKohlhorst 6 days ago
The only people excited about this change are the ones that made it. The majority of your viewership is against this change. I guess I can pull out the Columbo DVDs on Sunday night and pretend this didn’t happen.

What’s next? Replacing the Brady Bunch with Modern Family??
That will not happen. Brady Bunch will never be replaced by another show. Memorable Shows are staying on MeTV, Check The schedule.
They need to remove anything from after April 12th (or maybe 19th), 1970.

And they need to add more classic cartoons, such as Beany and Cecil.

They can also air 60s TV specials, including the Charlie Brown specials (with original sponsors), and also, the 1969 Fat Albert special (not the cartoon, the special.)

Also, they should add Secret Agent Man, The Avengers, The Prisoner, 1969-70 Sesame Street episodes, 1968-70 Mister Rogers episodes, and 1955-70 Captain Kangaroo episodes.
The picture next to my name is the fox from Screen Gems' "Fox and the Crow", by the way. It's a cute, adorable, and also funny cartoon. It was adapted into comics by Superman-DC.

If this station DOESN'T rerun the cartoons, I can always get the cartoons on 8mm film. They were released on 8mm.

And call me old fashioned all you want, but I like 8mm better than VHS.
Also, I still listen to music on 8 tracks and records.
Pilaf CKohlhorst 2 days ago
They are "rebooting" the Brady Bunch with all drag queen actors. How very politically correct.
JustGeri 6 days ago
Is it too much to hope the programmers responsible for this idiotic schedule change will read through all these comments and see the error of their ways?
JustGeri 6 days ago
Where is my cheesy Love Boat sailing off to? Monk does not belong on MeTV. If it must be, then bring on Psych, too!
The Love Boat is moving to 5:00pm Eastern/4:00pm Central. Don't worry, it's not leaving.
That's 1 good thing out of this I guess, Love Boat replacing Mama's Family, who wants to watch all the hate and screaming that goes on in Mama's Family anyway, it sure not memorable entertainment
Mama's Family is Moving to 4:00pm Eastern/3:00pm Central
They need to air 60s superhero cartoons; The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour; and stuff like that. No post-April 1970 shows, cartoons, and movies.

They need to add Secret Agent Man and The Avengers, too. They're 60s British spy shows which aired on network TV in the U.S.
I loved Diana Rigg!
MattRTheArtist 8 days ago
I know Monk is coming to MeTV but it seems that some MeTV fans don't want to have it on MeTV (even though Monk was premiered in 2002), But some MeTV fans like Monk but they pefer watching it on Heroes and Icons (owned by Weigel, owners of MeTV). But seriously, If you don't want to see Monk on MeTV, JUST DON'T WATCH IT. You can watch it Weekdays on H&I. But if you like monk, Just watch it. I kinda like the new change. It would be better if you put Ed Sulivan Show. Sundays nights at 10pm.

But Seriously, If you don't like it? DON'T WATCH IT!
That’s not the point. We don’t want MeTV to become another TvLand.
Yeah. Don't Worry tho. Columbo has moved to 6:00pm EDT/5:00pm CDT
A cursory search showed Monk episodes on no less than three other channels/networks and probably more, and have been for some time. I don't believe people are going to flock to ME TV to see something that's already showing everywhere. ME TV should look for programming that isn't so common. How about Miami Vice or I spy, just to name a couple?
They need to get rid of all post-April 1970 TV shows, cartoons, and movies.

The 50s, 60s, and 1970 are what I call memorable entertainment.
I still listen to music on eight tracks and records, by the way. Call me old fashioned all you want.
Not opposing you. Just expanding the perspective. The “beef” isn’t about “to watch it, or not.” It’s about what they do with that timeslot instead. That’s why a million suggestions are being posted.

The best shows being referenced are claimed (aired) by other networks. It’s also a matter of budget versus revenue. There’s a balance. MeTV has proven track records identifying viewer habits. There's a reason why MASH led into Columbo. Both very nostalgic. So this “change” has shaken everyone up. Because it's about entertainment, and viewers feel like they're missing something else.

The bottom line is, they reduced GI from 3 hours (the time it was supposed to take for their tour) to 2 hours. Which you would think, would be plenty of time to spend on the Minnow anyway!!

Not everybody has MeTV plus H&I. And others are annoyed that their lineup for the evening is being interrupted. They don’t WANT to switch channels even for an hour!

Just a thought ….
meowmom 8 days ago
Me-TV, you've ruined my Sunday night viewing with the addition of Monk, a not-so-classic show. If I wanted to watch Monk (which I don't), it is available on other networks. Once upon a time, you had Sunday Night Noir with Peter Gunn, The Fugitive, Naked City, The Untouchables, etc. Why can't you move the overnight detective/spy shows to a more reasonable time slot? Also, like others have suggested, the rotating "NBC Mystery Movie" shows would be a better addition to the Sunday night viewing.
Good thing I own the complete Quincy, M.E. series on DVD, because that's what we will be watching on Sunday nights for the foreseeable future.
Unvmyvdub meowmom 1 day ago
Quincy airs Saturdays at noon and 1:PM EDT on COZI TV.
AndreaZ 8 days ago
I love Monk, but I'm burned out on it. It's already literally on 7 days a week on HMM and it's on Sundance on Saturdays and Sundays. Plus, as a 2000s show, it feels out of place on MeTV. Plus 8pm seemed like the perfect timeslot for Columbo
mckayc 9 days ago
you ruined my husbands and my Sunday date night! We will not watch Monk ever! Colombo at eight was the perfect time. Why did you do this
Bklyncat2 9 days ago
We are big Colombo fans. Monk is entertaining for a while and then gets annoying. So I am not watching Monk.
LH Bklyncat2 9 days ago
I love Monk but I’d be the first to say I agree with you. Sometimes his idiosyncrasies are dragged out waaaay too long. But the show really is great
DonnySwing13 9 days ago
Will never watch monk. It is not a memorable entertainment tv show. Guess this station is going away from what made it good
TheClarences 10 days ago
TERRIBLE decision!!! “Monk” is NOT classic tv!!! Ugh. xoxo The Clarences
concerned 11 days ago
MeTV if your looking to change an already good Sunday night line that you currently have by expanding Columbo by adding the Monk thing which nobody wants !
WHY NOT when you talk about the 1st Columbo shown on TV back in the late 60's do up the entire Sunday Night Mystery Movie as shown on NBC
which Columbo was a part of along with
McCloud, starring Dennis Weaver, as a rural Taos, New Mexico lawman temporarily assigned to the New York City Police Department (NYPD) Inspired by the Clint Eastwood 1968 film Coogan's Bluff
also McMillan & Wife, starring Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James as a husband-and-wife crime-fighting duo
and Hec Ramsey, starring Richard Boone as a gunfighter turned frontier forensic science detective in the Old West.
LaDolceVita 11 days ago
All of this excitement over a television show. People will either watch it or they won't. It will make no difference. They have other good shows.
SheriHeffner 11 days ago
When was Monk on tv and what network was it on?
BeachBaby SheriHeffner 6 days ago
It was on the USA network. It started around 2002 and ran for 8 seasons.
And hate to say this but it stinks, too. It's terrible! I don't like post-1970 TV shows.
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