Tell us: What are the greatest TV shows, songs and movies of the 1960s?

You pick the best shows, songs and movies of the Sweet Sixties!

As the calendar turns to 2020, we are not only saying goodbye to the 2010s but also, in some ways, to the 1960s. Throughout the past ten years, pop culture has continually celebrated the 50th anniversary of historic moments from that revolutionary decade, from the Beatles' debut on Ed Sullivan to Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.

Before we begin celebrating all the big 50th anniversaries of the 1970s, we want to take one more chance to celebrate the Sixties. And that's why we need you, the MeTV fans, who know the Sixties better than anyone!

We want you to pick to Best TV Show, Best Song and Best Movie of the 1960s. First, we need you to nominate some candidates!

Tell us your favorite TV show, Song and Movie of the 1960s in the comments below — or on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Like this, for example:

1. TV Show1. Star Trek
2. Song2. "Be My Baby"
3. Movie3. The Sound of Music

We will then compile the 16 most popular picks in each category for an ultimate Sweet Sixties showdown!

Beginning next week, Wednesday, December 11, you will vote as we whittle down the top 16 to a single champion! Follow along in our newsletter for reminders, as you vote on:

Best Movie of the 1960s: December 11–14

Best Song of the 1960s: December 11-14

Best TV Show of the 1960s: December 18–21

Will it be the Beatles and Andy… the Rolling Stones and Flintstones… or something else entirely? You decide!

Start telling us your:

1. Favorite TV Show of the 1960s
2. Favorite Song of the 1960s
3. Favorite Movie of the 1960s

…in the comments below!

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texasluva 11 months ago
Nothing like taking a quiz that's 4 years ago.

1. TV show- The Twilight Zone
2. Song- The Zombies - She's Not There
3. Movie- North By Northwest

The bass is booming. The Zombies are Grooving. The Guitars are moving. Check out my Gone Groups from the 60's. 150+ and moving--
Janet 55 months ago
1. Twilight Zone
2. Cast Your Fate To The Wind by Vince Guaraldi. He would of course go on to write all the music for the Peanuts specials.
3. To Kill A Mockingbird.
weikkevin2 55 months ago
Show--Perry Mason
Song--An Ordinary Couple from the Broadway Production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound Of Music 1959
Movie--The Sound Of Music 1965
Bev 55 months ago
Favorite TV show was “The Prisoner” with Patrick MCGoohan, it was soooo different, still love it!!!
ColleenCade 55 months ago
Show ...My 3 Sons
Song ...Revaluation
Movie...The Ghost and Mr Chicken
Sweetwm 55 months ago
Favorite show Beverly hillbillies that was Funniest show ever the hippie gorilla or Mrs Drysdale going out the window in hospital bed just Granny's jug lite up LA
Song in s can= Yesterday by the Beatles Perfect for today Movie
Easy It's a mad mad mad world nothing could be funnier than that movie if you don't like that movie you have no sense of humor so I'd loved to go on n on n on
Sweetwm Sweetwm 55 months ago
I gotta broken finger sorry Best song is by the Beatles
Yesterday +
KellyTobolski 55 months ago

Favorite TV show: Gunsmoke
Favorite Song: Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash
Favorite Movie: Shootout

ElijahSteinbrecher 56 months ago
Favorite movie: The Greatest Story Ever Told
Favorite tv show: The Andy Griffith Show

ShelbyMunro 56 months ago
TV Show: Hogan's Heroes/The Monkees
Favourite Song: Sunny Afternoon, by The Kinks
Favourite Movie: Help!
SallyFreedlund 56 months ago
Here are my favorites of the '60's:
TV Show - Dark Shadows
Song – "Let It Be" by the Beatles
Movie – West Side Story
GlenCrowder 56 months ago
Best TV show was Star Trek
Best song Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter
Best movie Green Berets
LoriRego 56 months ago
Mirramanee 56 months ago
Favorites of the '60's:
TV Show - Star Trek
Movie - To Kill a Mockingbird
Song - Twist & Shout (both the Isley Brothers version and the Beatles version) Both absolutely rock!
LeftwingFrankie24 56 months ago
Song--Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan.
Movie--Easy Rider.
TV Show--The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.
Linda 56 months ago
TV Show: Dick Van Dyke Show
Song: Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
Movie: The Lion in Winter
MaryJoDaPos 56 months ago
1. TV show: Hogan's Heroes/McHale's Navy (tie)
2. Movie: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
3. Song: Good Vibrations/Beach Boys
Hurleywood 56 months ago
The Andy Griffith Show
Sugar Sugar
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
DebbieZarzecki 56 months ago
TV SHow: Twilight Zone
Movie: The Sound of Music
Song: Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabres
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