Let's not forget 'The Addams Family' returned in the 1970s for a Halloween special

Gomez, Morticia and Uncle Fester returned for the disco decade.

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The Addams Family remains one of the treasures of 1960s television. At a time when any gimmick could pass in primetime, the ghoulish family won over audiences with its dark humor. 

But just like many great programs of the era, The Addams Family was unceremoniously canceled after two seasons. However, it didn't take long for audiences to miss Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester and the rest. 

Before the first wave of '60s nostalgia first hit in the 1990s, a precursor landed in October 1977. Not even a decade after the '60s concluded, NBC brought back The Addams Family for a one-off Halloween special.

There's nothing new about Halloween with the New Addams Family. Most of the cast reprised their roles for the TV movie, including John Astin, Carolyn Jones and Jackie Coogan. In fact, Blossom Rock (Grandmama) was the only major person not to appear in the film due to an illness. The actress would die the following year at the age of 82. 

There are some key differences, though. Morticia and Gomez have two more children, Wednesday Jr. and Pugsley Jr., and you'd be correct in assuming they look just like their older siblings. We'd like to point out the original Wednesday and Pugsley are still around, making their younger siblings presence a little questionable.

The story revolves around a band of unsuccessful robbers who want to steal the family's fortune, tying them up at a Halloween party. At the same time, Gomez is weary of his brother, Pancho, who he thinks is hitting on his beloved wife. 

In the end, the crooks are apprehended by the police and the Addams family can celebrate the holiday in peace. 

Halloween with the New Addams Family is definitely a departure from the gothic look of the 1960s series. The film looks like it was taped on the same set as a Norman Lear sitcom, complete with jokes about Jimmy Carter.

Unlike many one-off specials of the decades, this one lives on thanks to someone who uploaded the film in its entirety to YouTube. If you have an hour to spare, you can check it out below. Happy Halloween!

Halloween with the New Addams Family 1977 HQ

A 1977 NBC TV movie that reunited the cast of the original 1960s series The Addams Family.
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robertgeise 42 months ago
I know it's silly, but i build this special close to my heart. It's a warm memory from my childhood, and I watch it every year since I rediscovered it in the 2000s.
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