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Eddie Haskell on his favorite stories the show told.

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For his entire life, Ken Osmond was associated with a character he portrayed as a child. While that may have been frustrating, it was also frequently lucrative, as when the cast of Leave It to Beaver reunited for a movie TV movie and four seasons of a sitcom sequel. People loved — and would often pay to see — their favorite jerk, Eddie Haskell. Although the show's popularity was fairly cyclical, Osmond could pretty reliably bank on appearance bookings and signings to supplement his income. 

At the time of his 1996 profile in The Californian, Osmond was 53 and on the cover of Brainstorms Holiday Gift Catalog, aiming a water gun that, presumably, was listed for purchase inside. His rascally visage is matched with a speech bubble, making it look like Osmond still has it in for the Beav. "Hey Beaver! Take that, ya squirt!" Although those words probably never actually came forth from Osmond's mouth, the threat reminds consumers of why they recognize that face. That recognition was critical to Osmond's livelihood, as he and Jerry "The Beaver" Mathers continued to thrive off of their earlier successes.

"We travel quite a bit," Osmond said. "The East Coast and the Bible Belt are big."

Patterns emerged as Osmond traveled, with the same few Eddie Haskell-related questions asked coast to coast. One of the topics that most frequently piqued the public's interest was Osmond's favorite episode of Leave It to Beaver

"No specific episode," said Osmond. "But I liked the ones where once in a while, not often, you'd see the raw underbelly of Eddie, where he would really know that he screwed up and you could see that he's a real person."

"Just every once in a while it would happen and he knew it and in his own way, he would say ... it would be in essence an apology. It wouldn't come out like that, but you could see that he was real."

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BorisK 11 months ago
We always looked forward to Eddie coming into an episode ... he was just perfect.
JL1965 11 months ago
I think he was brilliant playing that character , I also love the episodes where Eddy actually has a heart and knows he messed up. Just a wonderful show from beginning to end
vinman63 11 months ago
Larry Mondello and Gilbert fed off the beaver being naive. Eddie was special he was a future used car salesman.
Spaceseed 11 months ago
Every school had an Eddie. Our was named Charles and he gave teachers apoplexy.
DeputyWarren 11 months ago
Eddie was great, though Larry Mondello was an underrated character.
Sway 11 months ago
Hey Sam, Eddie was the best. Any of his schemes usually backfired on him. He seemed to have genuine affection for the Cleaver family.
CoreyC 11 months ago
Look at Beaver's friends Larry and Gilbert which was worse than Eddie.
Vickieshep CoreyC 11 months ago
I’ve been saying for years that Gilbert was worse than Eddie!
BenSobeleone Vickieshep 11 months ago
I didn't like Gilbert. The episode with the school class photo. He made Beaver look like an idiot! Some friend.
JoeGuenther 11 months ago
I like the episode where Eddie tells Wally I'm going to be like you and take school more seriously. The teacher's reaction to Eddie getting a good grade on an exam was cool.
JL1965 JoeGuenther 11 months ago
I think the teacher was surprised because Eddy raised his hand to answer the question the teacher asked and he actually got it correct
cinamac 11 months ago
I always preferred Eddie’s backhanded compliments!
bradcunningham411 11 months ago
Eddie was such a snazzy dresser too!
mimi2 bradcunningham411 11 months ago
especially with his Italian shoes!
obectionoverruled 11 months ago
Eddie Haskell was one the most remarkable universal characters ever created for the idiot box. Every kid in every grade school had an Eddie Haskell in his class; I even had a Judy Hensler in mine. The tattle tale snitch know it all who’s the first to inform on her classmates who copied another’s homework or puked in his locker after gym class or recess. Eddie Two Face sucks up to June, then puts Beaver in a headlock as soon as she leaves the house to go marketing. Remember when your mom got all dressed up in pearls and Chanel No. 5 to go down and pick up some Braunschweiger and Wonder Bread at the neighborhood Kroger’s or A & P? Eddie abuses Beaver, Lumpy and anyone else in his path, other than Wally. His name is ‘Sam’ for everyone and high school is for skipping classes and playing practical jokes on everyone, including tying Lumpy’s rear axle of his jalopy to the garage post. Ha ha watch Dumpy Lumpy drive off with only 2 wheels left on his $100 wreck of a car. Eddie you were the greatest. If the show would have continued into their adulthood, I believe Eddie would have married Judy!
He was an icon....
Ironically, Lumpy’s car, a 1940 Ford DeLuxe convertible is now worth from $6000. to about $90,000. depending on it’s condition.
I remember an SCTV episode where "Beaver" shoots Eddie.
JHP obectionoverruled 11 months ago
I believe Eddie would have married Judy!

and ran for pres:)
RedSamRackham JHP 11 months ago
* Larry & Judy might've been a bizarre couple!
JL1965 obectionoverruled 11 months ago
Well said , excellent post
osimj 11 months ago
As a teen I had a friend Marc that would come over and be overly complementary to my mom and dad , and my Dad would always say Marc reminds me of Eddie Haskell. As I got older and watched more episodes I had to agree.
RedSamRackham osimj 11 months ago
* Some of our parents were taken in by and impressed by the overly polite kid and even say to us "Why can't you be more like him?"
LalaLucy 11 months ago
Those are some of my favorite episodes, too. It was always interesting to see him become vulnerable for just a bit. Ken Osmond was a great, very natural actor.
PhilK 11 months ago
In a way, he was the most relatable character.
Ratt1959 11 months ago
Great show and characters. I'm 64 and still enjoy the show when I catch it on.
tootsieg 11 months ago
Eddie had many good lines. One of my favorites is when Eddie goes in the boy’s bedroom not knowing Ward was in their bathroom. When Ward came out and left, Eddie said to Wally “Why didn’t you tell me your old man was up here pussy footing around?”
AgingDisgracefully 11 months ago
What happened when Eddie told Fred Rutherford he looked, "Incredibly lifelike"?
jimenumbers 11 months ago
you are all looking very lovely today Beaver fans
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