It's Me Madness 2022! Vote for your favorite MeTV kid character!

It's the battle of the MeTV kids! Pick your favorites and see who wins it all!

In 2022, we're connecting with our inner child—by looking at MeTV's favorite kid characters!

Which famous MeTV kid is your favorite tyke? Me Madness is here to find out! Is Opie Taylor your favorite tot to watch on MeTV? Maybe it's Michelle Tanner? Or even Cousin Oliver? Heck, maybe it isn't a human "kid" at all!

Come back each Wednesday and Saturday beginning at 8AM E | 7C to vote as we move from Round 1 on Wednesday, March 16, through Round 5, the finals, starting on Wednesday, March 30.

Who is the the fan-favorite kid character of MeTV? Let’s find out!

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mojomoonjo 27 months ago favorite MEtv kid is Billy Mumy in anything!
eddiecantorfan 27 months ago
Chachi And Spike Joke
Question: Does anyone know why
Spike and Chachi NEVER appeared on the Same Episodes of Happy Days?
ANSWER: Because They Couldn't
Stand Each Other!!!!!!!!!!
eddiecantorfan 27 months ago
Live Action Possibilities
If DUDLEY DORIGHT had been a
Live Action TV Show instead of
Just A CARTOON a good choice
for an actor to play Dudley DORIGHT
Might have been actor Howard Platt
Who played police officer HOPPY
On Sanford And SON.Back in the
1976 I thought that actor Howard
Platt resembled Dudley DORIGHT
If DUDLEY DORIGHT had been a
Live Action series and if DUDLEY DORIGHT had been a real person.
If Rocky and Bullwinkle had been
Aive Action TV Show I wonder
Which actors would be good choices
to play Boris Natasha and Fearless
vinman63 27 months ago
Opie wins no brainer. Wednsday Adaams vs Michelle Tanner to the death.
LoveMETV22 27 months ago
🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Congratulations`Opie Taylor`! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
lbwilmoth 27 months ago
Absolutely cannot stand TBB.
I wish MeTv would stop showing it.
NickG 27 months ago
Loved Marcia. Opie was OK; but no Marcia. Richie was better than Opie, but still no Marcia.
CoreyC 27 months ago
Marcia is a self centered kid who thinks the world revolves around her.
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 27 months ago
I wish that Chester Anderson and
Tooey Brown and Judy Hensler and
Penny Woods had been choices in the
Voting candidates.
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Judy And Penny Joke
Why did Judy Hensler vanish
From Leave To Beaver and was
Replaced by Penny Woods?
Answer: Because Beaver brought Judy a ONE WAY TRIP
Chuck Cunningham Joke
What kind of Soda does Chuck Cunningham like to drink?
Answer: VANISHING COLA !!!!!
Chuck Cunningham Joke
I know why Chuck Cunningham
And BAG ZOMBROSKI and Moose vanished from Happy
All 3 of those guys fell through
a TRAP DOOR at the Haunted
HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!
Chuck Cunningham Joke
What did Rod SERLING of
Chuck Cunningham when Chuck visited The Twilight Zone?
Answer: Chuck The Twilight Zone is a Good Place to VISIT
LIVE HERE !!!!!!!!!!
Hulk20 27 months ago
Come on everyone let's all pull for Marcia. MARCIA, MARCIA, MARCIA! I love Ron Howard but as Richie Cunniham
CoreyC Hulk20 27 months ago
Richie became annoying before he left.
Chuck left before Richie.
Bag ZOMBROSKI and Roger Phillips
On Happy Days had great personalities
And EUGENE BELVIN was smarter than
Chachi Arcola .
CPL Boyle was smarter than Sgt Carter
Mary Ann was smarter than Professor
Roy Hinkley.
LoveMETV22 27 months ago
Marcia vs Opie- Hmmm, Think Opie is going to win.
Filmnoirfan 27 months ago
Down to the Final Four
Opie (4-5) - appears destined to be crowned champion of this tournament
Marcia (8-5) - still the overwhelming favorite among male voters 13-62
Beaver (3-1) - show namesake about to settle for semifinalist designation
Elroy (6-1) - cartoon character facing reality
Hulk20 28 months ago
I'm almost absolutely sure that it'll be Beaver Opie with Opie winner, unfortunately. I'd like to see Elroy win or Marcia or Beaver win.
LoveMETV22 Hulk20 28 months ago
Eliminate Elroy- just because it's an animated character. I hope it's either Opie or Beaver.
vinman63 28 months ago
Final will likely be Marcia and Opie and Opie will win.
LoveMETV22 28 months ago
So it looks like they've narrowed it to : Elroy Jetson, Marcia Brady, Opie Taylor or Beaver Cleaver.
eddiecantorfan LoveMETV22 27 months ago
I love First and Last Names That Rhyme:
Beaver Cleaver
Ralph Malph
Melvin Belvin
LoveMETV22 eddiecantorfan 27 months ago
Fay Wray- From King Kong
Jack Black- From School of Rock (movie), Jumanji and others.
Harry Carey- cowboy actor from the silent era.
Shaquille O'Neal - "Shaq", His accomplishments speak for themselves.
eddiecantorfan LoveMETV22 27 months ago
I didn't think of Fay Wray or the other person's that you mentioned but you came up
with some Good First And Last
Names That Rhyme.
Can anyone think of anyone else whose first and last names rhyme?
I forgot about FRANK BANK
The actor who played Lumpy
Rutherford on Leave It To Beaver .
LoveMETV22 28 months ago
Round 3
1. Surprised Elroy is in the lead- Arnold vs Elroy.
2. Mark McCain still gets my vote even though Marcia's leading- Mark McCain vs Marcia Brady.
3. Glad to see Opie is in the lead - Opie Taylor vs Pebbles Flintstone.
4. That was a tough choice- Wally Cleaver vs Beaver Cleaver.

As with the other rounds, anything's possible.
It will be interesting to see 👀 with just the Semifinals and Finals left.
lynngdance 28 months ago
Ok! Random off-topic drawing! Was feeling nostalgic the other day and watched an episode of a show I loved when I was little,.... H.R. Pufnstuf!! (😝) anyways, because I like to draw, but rarely have a good idea of what to draw, I just decided to do this..... a (hopefully) eerie drawing of the boat from the opening credits.
gb9535 lynngdance 27 months ago
Great job! And I too loved that show! I wish there was someway to watch the Krofft super show in its entirety. I loved almost all of their shows.
Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
Getting close to crunch time
Opie (6-5) - going to be tough to top
Beaver (2-1) - namesake is in the mix
Marcia (5-2) - hard for most male viewers to overlook
Elroy (3-1) - best cartoon kid in the hunt
Wally (4-1) - younger brother is tough foe
Pebbles (6-1) - another popular cartoon kid on the outside looking in
Arnold (8-1) - eventually foiled by fast going
Cartwright (10-1) - stayed around through the Elite 8

Shatner1 Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
Who's Cartwright?
dekane54 Shatner1 28 months ago
I would like to know that answer too!
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
I could vote because I have been
RETCONNED in Real Life just like TV
Characters Chuck Cunningham of Happy Days and Angela Brown of My Favorite Martian .
Well your right on the Chuck Cunningham character.
On the Happy Days episode Tell Tell
Tart which was the Last Appearance
Of Eugene BELVIN (Denis MANDEL)
What was the name that Eugene
Told Jenny Piccolo (Cathy Silvers)
to call him?
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