Here are People's most intriguing people of 1976. How many do you remember?

How many of these notable people do you remember?

We were revisiting a 44-year-old issue of People in which the magazine chronicled the most intriguing people of 1976. The list was fascinating, especially compared to the celebrity weeklies of today. Let's take a look at all 25 people. Some are familiar faces, while others had their 15 minutes of fame expire by the time Carter was sworn into office. Some were movie stars, while another eventually had a Tom Cruise movie made of his life. We've included a blurb from the magazine for each.

How many of these notable people from the Bicentennial year do you remember?

Jimmy Carter 

"President-elect Carter chats about Amy, overnight guests and cooking in the White House."

Farrah Fawcett-Majors 

"A new face knocks out Nielsenland: Farrah Fawcett Majors." 

Andrew Wyeth 

"Andrew Wyeth may be America's most popular artist."

Betty Williams 

AP Photo/Peter Winterbach

"Irish peace advocate Betty Williams' wish for Ulster." 

Andrew Young 

"At the U.N., Andrew Young will have a friend in the White House."

King Juan Carlos 

"The reign in Spain? King Juan Carlos." 

Linda Ronstadt 

"Linda Ronstadt spins platinum from country rock." 

Rev. Sun Myung Moon 

Public Domain

"Is the Rev. Sun Myung Moon on the wane?"

Bert Jones 

Associated Press

"To Baltimore Colts fans, quarterback Bert Jones is 'the franchise'."

Julius Nyerere 

Associated Press

"Africa's most respected black diplomat is Julius Nyerere."

Carl Sagan 

"Carl Sagan has yet to see a martian, but he's still looking."

Fred Silverman 

Associated Press

"ABC's Fred Silverman programs for himself (and his network is No. 1)."

Elizabeth Ray 

"The House is no longer Liz Ray's home."

C.W. McCall 

"C.W. (Rubber Duck) McCall cashes in on the CB radio craze."

Shere Hite 

"Shere Hite lifts the veil from female sexuality."

Donald Kendall 

Associated Press

"There's a cola war bubbling, thanks to Pepsi's Donald Kendall."

Vivian Reed 

"Black is beautiful on Broadway, and so is Vivian Reed."

Ron Kovic 

Associated Press

"Crippled Vietnam vet Ron Kovic exorcises his anguish with a book."

Chevy Chase 

AP Photo/Nick Ut

"Chevy Chase is TV's new satiric superstar, falling down."


"No one Hustles more than disco queen Régine."

Har Gobind Khorana 

AP Photo/Paul Shane

"Organic chemist Har Gobind Khorana makes a gene."

Nadia Comaneci 

Associated Press

"Excellence is nice, but Nadia Comaneci prefers perfection."

Robert Redford 

AP Photo/Levy

"Robert Redford wasn't too pretty to produce the movie of the year."

Dan Shomron 

"For Israel's Gen. Dan Shomron, Entebbe was just another business."

King Kong 

Universal Pictures

"King Kong is making monkeys out of Dino DeLaurentiis' detractors."

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JB36 41 months ago
Pepsi's former CEO (mentioned above) Donald Kendall - recently passed away in Sept, 2020 at age 99.
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