Can you guess how much these things cost in 1976?

Leisure suits and roller skates weren't so cheap back then.

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We looked back through J.C. Penney's 1976 Christmas Catalog and dug up some good deals! Can you guess how much these hot items cost that year? Don't blow your budget. Good luck!
  1. A sweater and a shirt! How much?
  2. What a flashy leisure suit. How much was it? (Gold chain not included.)
  3. How much would it cost you to dress up — head to toe — as your favorite 'Sesame Street' character?
  4. If you wanted an AM/FM cassette player, how much would you pay?
  5. Nice denim jumpsuit! How much would that set you back in 1976?
  6. Matching rugby shirts? How adorable! How much for both?
  7. What about this classy crystal chandelier? How much would you spend after saving the $30?
  8. This quiz wouldn't be complete without roller skates. How much did the pair on the top left cost?
  9. You could have Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird and the Cookie Monster for how much?
  10. Here's something you won't see anymore. How much did this junior typewriter cost?
  11. How much was a pair of these hand-held communicators?
  12. Who remembers these watches? What was the price range?
  13. Everyone had one of these in their house growing up. How much did your parents pay for the mantle clock?
  14. Nice hat! How much did it cost?
  15. Winter wouldn't be complete without slippers. How much did these cost heading into 1977?

Can you guess how much these things cost in 1976?

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idkwut2use 32 months ago
All I know for sure is that I want the leftmost Mickey watch. The kind where fabric touches you instead of metal are the best.
Dario 32 months ago
3 out of 15.....YIKES!!!!! Well, when you're 7 years old in 1976, you never pay attention to the cost of living. 😉😁
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