Henry Winkler is having the best holiday week

The Fonz even wins at fishing.

The Fonz had the magic touch. He could start a jukebox with an elbow tap or snap of the fingers. And, as we all remember, Fonzie demonstrated his mastery of aquatic life when he slapped on waterskis and jumped that shark on Happy Days.

Well, shark jumping in "Hollywood" is in his past. These days, Henry Winkler is showing off with fish in Idaho. The veteran actor, hot off a critically acclaimed season on HBO's Barry, was relaxing this past weekend with some angling.

Did he catch any trout, you ask? Oh, you betcha. And just look how absolutely joyful Winkler looks. He is living his best life.

He even named one Stacey, it seems. The trip has been on his mind ever since.

Just a reminder to enjoy the holiday this week.

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