Florence Henderson envisions a reboot for 'The Brady Bunch'

What would Carol Brady be up to in 2016?

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More and more, it seems like audiences have an insatiable appetite for reboots and revivals. At the movies, fans can see remakes of classics like Star Trek and Ghostbusters this summer. On television, shows like Full House, MacGyver and Star Trek (yes, again) are being given makeovers to attract younger audiences. 

All this talk about reboots and revivals begs the questions, what do the original actors think?

Well, we have some answers thanks to Entertainment Tonight. The newsmagazine was at the 70th anniversary celebration of the TV Academy to ask our favorite classic TV stars how they would feel if their shows were revived.

Surprisingly, a lot of actors supported the idea of bringing new life to the shows they helped create. In fact, some of them even had their own ideas. 

Florence Henderson had some interesting suggestions as to what Mrs. Brady from The Brady Bunch might be up to in the year 2016. 

"I think they should do one where they find out where Carol Brady is," the actress told ET. "Her husband passed away. Is she dating? Is she part of the scene? I say she is."

Henderson's former costar, Christopher Knight, had some other ideas. 

"Maybe all the Brady kids have to move back home, because of failed marriages and unemployment," Knight said. The concept is reminiscent of the Full House revival, Fuller House, which debuted earlier this year on Netflix

Suzanne Somers, who starred as Chrissy Snow for five seasons on Three's Company doesn't mind her series is being turned into a feature film. But the actress does have one stipulation for which actress should play Chrissy, though. 

"I just hope the actress who plays me understands you can't play her stupid," Somers said about the role she originated. "She was literal. If you play it stupid, she'll be unlikable, so I hope they get a really great actress."

Not everyone is onboard with classic television shows being revived for future generations. When asked if Happy Days should be resurrected, Marion Ross had an answer we could all appreciate. 

The original Mrs. Cunningham laughed, "I think we should leave it right where it is, because we're all just too old."

Take a look at the whole clip below:

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