Download our free MeTV zen coloring page

Relax your mind and color this image of Spock, Hulk, Batman, Wonder Woman and Svengoolie.

Coloring is not just for kids anymore. If you've popped into a Barnes & Noble recently, this comes as no surprise. Coloring books are everywhere. The practice of zen coloring is said to be a calming, meditative activity. 

Plus, it's just gives you a warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling to pick up some pencils and fill in between the lines. 

So we thought we'd whip up a coloring page for MeTV lovers. Some zen coloring books offer detailed patterns and flowers. But where else can you see Wonder Woman, Batman, Hulk, Spock and Svengoolie hanging together? Outside of our Super Sci-Fi Saturday Nights, of course.

Download a PDF of the coloring page here.

And, yes, of course it is for all ages.

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