Do you remember the original scent of Herbal Essence?

We miss the earthy aroma.

It's a fact of life — things change. For example, certain foods don't taste the same as they did when we were younger, even though the name remains the same.

Sometimes products are discontinued all together, leaving a hole in our hearts. Sometimes, popular demand can bring them back.

That got us thinking… what scents from our youth do we miss?

For many of us, only one thing comes to mind: Herbal Essence shampoo.

While the product is still around, it smells nothing like the original thing, giving us serious nostalgia to go back in time and capture the scent in a bottle.

Clairol launched Herbal Essence in 1972 as "the most beautiful shampoo experience on Earth." Most people remember the original green bottle, featuring a woman with long flowing hair submerged in a pond surrounded by nature. 

Advertisements from the era, which closely depicted the artwork on the bottle, boasted about the shampoo's natural appeal.

"It all begins as soon as you open the bottle and breathe in the breathtaking, close-to-the-earth essence of forest herbs and mountain flowers inside Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo," one ad from 1973 declared.

If that wasn't descriptive enough, the ad claimed the shampoo also contained scents of juniper, birch leaves, cinchona, melissa and mountain gentian. Yep, it didn't get more natural than Herbal Essence.

So what happened to the earthy scent of the 1970s? You'll have to ask Procter & Gamble. The conglomerate purchased Clairol in 2001 from Bristol-Myers Squibb, which owned Clairol since the 1950s. Along the way, Herbal Essence became "Herbal Essences."

For anyone pining for the fresh scent of Herbal Essence again, there's still hope. In 2015, Vidal Sasson brought back the cherry almond scent of the original from the late 1970s.

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