Did you know there was a Trilogy of Terror II?

Three more tales to terrify!

Two Trilogies? That's an entire hexology, at least!

This series puts the hex in hexology because producer Dan Curtis was back at it in 1996, revisiting one of his most famous works with another three terrifying tales.

Even outside his original trilogy Dan Curtis was a veteran of made-for-TV horror movies. He brought viewers Dracula with Jack Palance, Frankenstein with Robert Foxworth, and both classic Kolchak feature-length presentations starring Darren McGavin. Curtis also created the beloved vampire soap opera Dark Shadows as well as its 1991 TV remake!

Curtis wasn't the only relic returning from Trilogy of Terror, as that movie's most famous creation, the Zuni Doll also came back for a few more scares. The powers that be very cleverly saved the best for last, knowing viewers would tune in to see the tiny little terror. So, the other two stories in Trilogy of Terror II built to an exciting climax when the Zuni Doll made its nightmarish return.

Gone, though, was Karen Black. Black was famous for the four roles she played in the original Trilogy of Terror's three stories. Particularly, she was well-remembered as the titular "Amelia," in the same-named story, tormented by that notorious little doll. Black went on to become an icon of independent movies, sometimes appearing in as many as seven movies a year. In 1996, the same year as Trilogy of Terror II, Karen Black co-starred in Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering.

For the sequel, Dan Curtis once again adapted three stories. This time though, the producer-director worked with a new star, Lysette Anthony. While she's today perhaps best known for her work on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, Anthony was also partly familiar to genre fans for her work in movies like Krull and Dracula: Dead and Loving It.

In the new movie's first story, Lysette Anthony plays an unfaithful woman who must crawl into her late husband's grave to steal codes for his Swiss bank account before rats drag his fortune underground. Then, in "Bobby," a young boy drowns before his mother (played again by Anthony) summons him with a demonic spell. Fans of Stephen King will, of course, know that "sometimes, dead is better."

The movie crescendos with "He Who Kills," which picks up the same night as the original Zuni Doll encounter. When investigators bring the doll in for examination, Ellen (Anthony) must stay late at the Natural History Museum for analysis. Naturally, "analysis" isn't the only thing that happens as terror ensues.

Do you remember Trilogy of Terror II? We know nothing beats the original, but how do you think it stacked up?

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LibraBaby0921 2 months ago
I liked both movies and have both of them in my DVD collection.
HopeDuchaine 4 months ago
I miss Karen Black in the original. She was meant for the role in the Zuni doll.
MadMat2102 4 months ago
I was a kid when the original "Trilogy of Terror" came out in the 70s and all everybody talked about the next day at school was how that little voodoo doll scared the heck out of us. lol
MoviePropCollector 4 months ago
I own the original Zuni doll puppets from Trilogy of Terror 2. Including and original.first draft script from Dan Curtis Productions from Trilogy of Terror (1975), and from Trilogy of Terror 2, the main cable controlled hero puppet seen running around as well as the insert large head when Dr. Simpson (Anthony) is scraping off the burnt surfaces at beginning, the insert walking Zuni legs that they show when he's walking around, the sharp teeth Dr. Simpson (Anthony) wears, as well as other items from the film. I also run and own the website TrilogyofTerror.com, which is my favorite film as I had a family member work on it.
Wow!!! Do you know where I can watch Trilogy of Terror 2 ?? Love the first one and I would love to see the second one! Thank you
MichaelVegas 4 months ago
You know I think I do remember it as when you told me the stories that was in it, I thought, Yeah
Wolfie 4 months ago
I not only remember Trilogy of Terror 2 (broadcast on the Cable Channel USA Network), I also have it on Home Media and I recall an earlier Dan Curtis adaption of the 2nd Act "Bobby"(originally written by Matheson for the Dan Curtis Anthology 1977 TV Movie "Dead of Night" , co-starring Joan Hackett as Mother +
Lee H. Montgomery as Bobby) - anyone else old enough to remember watching the original "Trilogy of Terror" (ABC) + "Dead of Night" (NBC) as Network TV Movies? 😃
HpHoward Wolfie 4 months ago
Present 👍
teethclenched Wolfie 4 months ago
I also remember the earlier version of "Bobby" with Joan Hacket, which is... ha ha ... the "preferred" version. /////As I remember, TOT 2 wasn't that great.
Joan Hacket was an amazing actress.
cperrynaples Wolfie 4 months ago
Dead Of Night is currently running on Movies! Sorta Trilogy 1.5, it gets really weird when Hackett conducts a satanic ritual to bring her son back from the dead! The title character is played by Montgomery best remembered as the boy from Ben, the Willard sequel that can also seen on Movies! BTW, I must ask you: Are you the Wolfie that Howard Stern sends to weird conventions that can't be described on this board? One of them gave us the famous "Thank you my Mistress" drop of which I can't expand on here...LOL!
Moverfan 4 months ago
Didn't know about Trilogy Of Terror 2 and didn't care (do NOT like to be scared!). But about "the channel 4 soap opera Hollyoakes"...a little clarification please? Here in southeastern Michigan, channel 4 is WDIV, the NBC affiliate.
Wolfie Moverfan 4 months ago
British Network Channel 4

British Soap Opera Hollyoaks

British Actress Lysette Anthony
aka Lysette Anne Chodzko

HpHoward 4 months ago
I saw Trilogy of Terror 2 years later. The only
installment I found effective was the one with the deceased kid returning. Though I guessed well ahead what was going to happen.
trogg888 4 months ago
The first tot was creepy because of the doll and Karen black,she played creepy even when she wasn't supposed to be.saw the second one but it must've sucked cause I don't remember anything about it
ddalal 4 months ago
I remember watching "Satan's School for Girls," a TV film with a young Kate Jackson ("Charlie's Angels"). The ending had a great twist, and for a mid-1970s TV production, was scary!
Kevin 4 months ago
Gotta watch this in it's entirety. Saw the episode with the house by the sea, and the mom, and dead kid, that was scary as h#ll!
George58 4 months ago
Never saw Trilogy of Terror II. But wanted to mention that Actress (why don't they say Actress anymore???) Lysette Anthony also played Angelique in Dan Curtis's remake of Dark Shadows 1991.
HpHoward George58 4 months ago
Glad someone else even remembers this second Dark Shadows. Seems it slipped past most. I believe Roy Thinnes was in it as well.
George58 HpHoward 4 months ago
He was. Roy played Roger Collins.
MichaelPowers 4 months ago
I remember seeing both trilogies and they were indeed frightening stories. I vividly recall the wife crawling into the grave of her husband. Scary stuff!
RS1515 4 months ago
I remember seeing Trilogy I as a kid in elementary school. That Voodoo doll was both scary and funny.
Andybandit 4 months ago
In my below comment, I meant to say Boonaza. Sorry about that.
Runeshaper 4 months ago
I don't remember Trilogy of Terror I or II, but Dan Curtis produced some awesome films! Dark Shadows was a good series too.
Tresix 4 months ago
I saw it on the USA Network. The “Bobby” story had been used before: it was part of a 1977 made-for-TV movie called “Dead of Night”. In that one, Joan Hackett was the mother and Lee H. Montgomery (“Ben”) was Bobby.
Andybandit 4 months ago
I am looking forward to Bonanza. Thank God they are putting on Sventunie in the middle of the night when I am in bed.
daDoctah 4 months ago
Apart from the original Trilogy of Terror, the scariest thing Karen Black ever did was Airport '75. "What?! The cross-eyed stewardess is gonna land the plane?!"
LoveMETV22 daDoctah 4 months ago
"What?! The cross-eyed stewardess is gonna land the plane?!"
She might with a little help from Julie Hagerty and Leslie Nielsen:

Just a guess though, however they do it, it's going to take them a couple of hours:
Jaxter14 daDoctah 4 months ago
Robin Williams had a line in his stand- up routine that a couple “were Closer together than Karen Black’s eyes.
daDoctah Jaxter14 4 months ago
That's pretty good. I hear Seth McFarlane wanted Amanda Seyfried to be in "A Million Ways to Die in the West" but was worried that she might hate him for all the jokes he had made on Family Guy about her eyes being too far apart. Turns out she thought it was funny too and was more than happy to accept the role.
LoveMETV22 4 months ago
Too bad " Trilogy of Terror II" wasn't included in the October "Boonanza" promo. Maybe next year?
Agree. I would have been more than happy to show the original Zuni puppets and items from the film.
"Agree. I would have been more than happy to show the original Zuni puppets and items from the film."
If you have those items and wish to share. Collector's Call has a link to share interesting collections. Who knows maybe you would be featured on an upcoming season's episode?
Here's the link:


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