The monster Mummy midterm

It's time to rise from the dead for a super-fun quiz!

If the mere mention of "midterms" doesn't send a shiver down your spine, the movie will!

Boris Karloff, the titan of terror, is back in macabre makeup. Here, he teams with famed cinematographer Karl Freund to bring not just shocks but atmosphere to a slower, more ambling monster and movie. 

We've transcribed the following quiz from ancient hieroglyphics found deep beneath the MeTV catacombs.

Where does The Mummy rank amongst your Universal favorites? Are you wrapped up in the details, or will this quiz bury you alive? Find out, and be sure to share your thoughts and your score with your fellow archaeologists in the comments section below!

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  1. The Mummy has the same opening credits music, a movement from Swan Lake, as which of the following?
  2. The film's production was plagued by tension between director Karl Freund and which star?
  3. What is the name of the ancient scroll Imhotep reads from?
  4. Which of these was not a real sequel to The Mummy?
  5. What is the name of Imhotep's princess?
  6. What is the name Imhotep adopts as he assimilates into modern society?
  7. Name the actor who plays Frank Whemple.
  8. What year did Imhotep next appear in a Universal Mummy movie?
  9. What is the princess' name when she's reincarnated in modern times?
  10. In total, how many Universal Mummy movies were there before the series was rebooted with Brendan Fraser?

The monster Mummy midterm

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BradBeall 1 day ago
For some reason, I never cared for Mummy movies. There's just something about mummies that isn't scary... maybe it's the fact that all you have to do is start pulling bandages, and before you know it, the mummy is just another rotting corpse - like most of the people I work alongside.
teethclenched 4 days ago
I think this is my least favorite Universal movie franchise, but, on a cold fall or winter day...if you're feeling under the weather, there's nothing better than putting on the Universal MUMMY movies; they wrap you up like...bandages...
Ratt1959 6 days ago
ARRRGH! You got 8 out of 10
You broke the curse and made it out with your soul!
Love the old Universal monsters.
HpHoward 7 days ago
The 1932 Mummy didn't have sequels as such. Reimaginings would be a better way to describe the 1940s films, and A & C Meet the Mummy. Which I have to agree is actually pretty darned good.
Grew up with the Universal monsters on Shock Theater, then Friday Nght Chillers after the late news, etc.
PS I love Kolchak, but the series needs to be given a rest for a while. Only 20 episodes.
Stardoc HpHoward 6 days ago
It would be nice if they could show the two tv movies that preceded the series. Even if they have to show each movie in two parts.
Bricat2001 Stardoc 6 days ago
svengoolie is showing the 2 kolchack movies next month as part of boonanza
JeffPaul76 7 days ago
OH MeTV, When are you going to take M*A*S*H OFF YOUR SCHEDULE PERMANENTLY? It's waaaay past time that you did. Nobody wants it anymore!
HpHoward JeffPaul76 7 days ago
You got THAT right, friend.
cheduff JeffPaul76 6 days ago
It’s sad but I flip the TV off when M*A*S*H* comes on. It’s hard enough watching Gary Burghoff on Match Game ‘74.
19611313 JeffPaul76 6 days ago
I cannot stand Alan Alda. He had to be the center of every episode.
Reason i do not like MASH.
Bapa1 JeffPaul76 6 days ago
Yeah, shut that chicken up!
JeffPaul76 7 days ago
"ARRRGH! You got 3 out of 10" -----No matter how bad your score is, it'll never be as bad as the Tom Cruise remake! ----------I got 1, 6, and 10 right.
mzcaligula 7 days ago
8/10, I’m pretty well versed in Mummy lore! I grew up watching them with my dad on Creature Features, Chiller Theatre, etc
mpatrick 7 days ago
1/10 - I screwed up and got the last question right!
ERROL 7 days ago
ARRRGH! You got 3 out of 10
No matter how bad your score is, it'll never be as bad as the Tom Cruise remake!
I thought I was a pretty good at mummy movies
Guinness 7 days ago
3/10 I guess I wasn't paying attention.
Muleskinner 7 days ago
3/10. A victim of The Mummy’s Curse.
MikefromJersey 7 days ago
"ARRRGH! You got 3 out of 10. No matter how bad your score is, it'll never be as bad as the
Tom Cruise remake!"

While I did stink up this quiz, you MeTV guys blew question 8.
The original was in 1932, the Mummy's next appearance for Universal was in
1955, not 1999. Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy, which is actually pretty darn good
and a fun movie to watch on a Saturday night, Black Cow in hand with a bowl of
popcorn on your lap. A Black Cow is a glass of root beer with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.
Neither the Mummy or Billy Mumy can resist a Black Cow, yum.
A Black Cow is also called a Root Beer Float.
Perhaps they were looking for the name "Imhotep" specifically?
The Mummy in the 1955 Abbott & Costello film was named "Klaris."
Just a guess.
WGH LoveMETV22 6 days ago

Made the same mistake.
You have a point, but my impression - with all due respect to them - is that the MeTV
guys aren't apt to go that deep into the weeds of movie/TV trivia, based on their
track record with these quizzes. I would love to see a team of their 5 best
go up against 5 posters here I could pick out. I don't think it would be close, as
"our" guys would start off with a base of knowledge whereas the MeTV crew are
probably people in their 20's who have to research from the get go all the articles
they present to us. Of course I could be wrong.
A Black Cow was also a chocolate coated caramel sucker . Similar to a slow poke.
graceful1970 8 days ago
ARRRGH! You got 9 out of 10
You broke the curse and made it out with your soul!
texasluva 8 days ago
Embalm, cut my tongue out and stick me in a sarcophagus. 6 out of 10 and I have some of those movies yet had to guess on most 🙄😶.
tootsieg 8 days ago
4/10 and I am lucky that I got that.
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