Monster Matchup: Bela or Boris

Egads! Which monster man is which?!


When it comes to legends of the horror game, few have reached such iconic heights as Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. With Dracula and Frankenstein, respectively, Lugosi and Karloff became paragons of global nightmares. 

How well do you know these superstars of spookiness? Can you tell one from the other? Here's hopin', because we're going to provide you with either a fact or a movie title, and you'll choose which one it applies to. Good luck, and make sure to leave the lights on tonight!

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  1. Which monster man won a Grammy Award in 1966?
  2. Which one once played Ygor, the mad blacksmith with a broken neck?
  3. Who lived longer?
  4. Which actor teamed with director James Whale for "The Old Dark House?"
  5. Which actor teamed with director Ed Wood for "Plan 9 From Outer Space?"
  6. Who first starred as his iconic character onstage before the movies made the monster famous?
  7. Which actor guest starred in the Wild Wild West episode "The Night of the Golden Cobra?"
  8. Who has starred on film as both Dracula AND Frankenstein's monster?
  9. Who was hired as a model for Chernabog the demon in 1940's Fantasia, though his footage was never used?
  10. "Black Sabbath"
  11. "Black Friday"

Monster Matchup: Bela or Boris

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Tresix 5 months ago
100%! Do I know my horror actors or what? Shouldn’t be too hard figuring which actor performed in 1966 considering that Lugosi died in the Fifties.
Suzies1952 9 months ago
The fog is the one that scared me when it came out years ago
BenSobeleone Suzies1952 9 months ago
That's a good one! Enjoy watching that. Seen it on video and then a few months later seen it again at the second-run movie theater.
HpHoward 9 months ago
Actually stuntman Eddie Parker played the Frankenstein monster on Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman in the scenes that were terribly strenuous. Bela was 61 when this film was made I believe.
BenSobeleone HpHoward 9 months ago
When Lawrence Talbot finds the Frankenstein monster in the ice, that's Eddie Parker. You see him in many shots of the fight scene between the monster and the Wolf Man.
HpHoward BenSobeleone 9 months ago
Very true. One can tell the difference in actors even through the make up in that scene especially.
Tresix BenSobeleone 5 months ago
Both actors had stunt doubles for that scene.
Irish 9 months ago
Sorry....I just can't do horror movies. I'm a big "scardy cat!" 😱
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IndianaRockz BenSobeleone 9 months ago
Haha that made me chuckle out loud! 😃😃😃
LynCarrigan 9 months ago
I mixed up the finale with another episode. Trying to be too smart!
sldaniels 9 months ago
I need to research both actors and their movies.
Stoney 9 months ago
#11, "Black Friday," has BOTH Karloff AND Lugosi...and Karloff is the leading man, with Lugosi in a smaller supporting role. Somebody needs to correct this.
cperrynaples Stoney 9 months ago
Just curious: Is this the movie for which a fan in Ed Wood called Lugosi "Karloff's sidekick"?
BenSobeleone cperrynaples 9 months ago
The fan was talking about the movie The Invisible Ray.
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