Check out this 1960s home that seems frozen in time

Seeing this house is like entering a time capsule.

Images: Zillow

The homes where we grew up often seemed larger than life.

We remember running through the long hallways chasing our siblings, playing in the backyard until the sun went down, and watching TV on a giant fabric couch in the living room.

But life moves on, and we grow out of our childhood homes. For many of us, only the memories remain.

However, one home in Pennsylvania looks like a time capsule. The property largely remains unchanged from when it was built in the 1960s, meaning we get a peek into what many of us experienced growing up. 

The ranch home recently went up for sale in Wormleysburg, near the state's capital. 

One way the home retains its vintage charm is through its kitchen. The room boasts the original wood cabinets, wood paneling, and — yes — wallpaper on the ceiling. 

Moving on to the family room, we see a giant sectional couch similar to the ones we had as kids. 

If you look closely, you'll see the original built-in NuTone Stereo system.

Is that more wood paneling we see? 

The bedrooms also contain some cute character from the 1960s. Green carpeting blankets one bedroom, complete with floral wallpaper and a purple accent wall. Take a look at the wooden furniture, too! 

Of course, we just had to check the bathroom to see if this home really lives up to the Swinging Sixties. We weren't disappointed, with purple tile walls and teal bathroom fixtures. 

The three-bedroom home is listed for $325,000. If you have some extra change lying around and want to preserve the nostalgic feel, you can check out the listing here

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