Call Mr. Drysdale, the price on The Beverly Hillbillies mansion keeps going down

You can live like the Clampetts for the new low price of $195 million.

It's where Jed Clampett moved his family the moment he became a millionaire, but now the well-known Bel Air Chartwell Estate was dealt a $50 million price cut on Monday after nobody decided to buy The Beverly Hillbillies mansion at the original asking price. (Someone call Mr. Drysdale to complain about this investment!)

The house was originally put on the market in the fall of 2017 with a price tag of $350 million, a shockingly high number even with the Hollywood history that comes with the property. This TV landmark was used as the memorable exterior on The Beverly Hillbillies, and it's a property that's been growing in size and popularity ever since the show's conclusion in 1971. (If only Jethro could return now with proof the property is worth the asking price!)

Aerial view of the Chartwell Estate.

The 75-foot long pool and the 5,700 square-foot poolhouse.

The mansion was originally built in 1933, and includes a ballroom, a wine cellar, a formal salon and a luxurious dining room. The grounds boast a 5,700-square-foot guesthouse, a 75-foot swimming pool and poolhouse, a tennis court and a parking structure that can only be described as a "car gallery," where most certainly Jed's old Roadster used to be parked.

The famous exterior of the home was inspired by 18th century French neoclassical designs. Since its construction, the grounds of the estate have grown to not only take up the original plot of land, but also to include many surrounding properties. Rumor has it that even includes a plot that was once owned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Late billionaire and owner Jerry Perenchio did all that he could to expand the property, making it a highly impressive home for any taker. The total acreage of the estate lands at 10.3 acres.

The current price of the home is $195 million. And of course, we kid when it comes to blaming the wealthy banker Drysdale, because even with the price falling over the last 2 years, Jed Clampett's former home still remains the most expensive plot of land available for sale in Hollywood. 

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Barry22 59 months ago
.....and it comes with a cement pond.
It also comes {well, at least it did when the mansion was being filmed,} with a "fancy eatin' table," {what they they the pool table was;} and the head of a Billiard. {What the Clampett's thought the head of a rhino was called.}
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