Only a TV trivia genius can name all these Beverly Hillbillies characters

Try to name all these relatives, neighbors and pets!

Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named… Wait. We're not going to give away the answer to the first question.

We've gathered a dozen folks from The Beverly Hillbillies — and one pooch. They made you laugh, whether they were "Hillbillies" or Southern Californians. 

Let's see if you can name them all. It take a TV trivia expert to ace the quiz!

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  1. This here is J.D. Clampett, but everyone just calls him…?
  2. Her middle name is also a month.
  3. Who is this fellow?
  4. You can call her Granny, but her full floral name is…?
  5. Mr. Drysdale runs the Commerce Bank and lives next door to the Clampetts. What is his first name?
  6. What is his wife's name?
  7. What is the name of their son?
  8. Nancy Kulp played Drysdale's secretary.
  9. Bea Benaderet played this gem of a character.
  10. She had a daughter named…?
  11. This handsome heartthrob was an actor, not a Flintstones character.
  12. Sharon Tate played this secretary at the bank.
  13. Finally, we can't leave out the dog. What is his name?

Only a TV trivia genius can name all these Beverly Hillbillies characters

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david 20 days ago
Bring back Beverly Hillbillies or give another time slot show whole series in order,,,,,,,!,,,,
MikefromJersey 5 months ago
13 for 13. That said, Buddy Ebsen was terrible on Barnaby Jones, he snoozed thru the part, perhaps
because the stories were all so trite. Please MeTV, you have to deep six this crud. Or is someone blackmailing the network into running it? Bring back 77 Sunset Strip! The greatest collection of
beautiful starlets in history appeared on it, plus the original Fonzie in Kookie.
Going by media coverage, Kookie for awhile was the biggest star in the world.
Barnaby Jones was a great show. Just like Matlock. And if you just wanna look at girls they are all over the television.
Barnaby Jones was a great show? How? Buddy Ebsen turning in possibly the dullest performance
in TV history? Since he could act, it is obvious he was just collecting a paycheck and no longer had any pride in his craft. Quinn Martin by then was run by hacks, turning out by the numbers
productions that no one involved had any respect for. Perhaps that was Ebsen's reasoning, why
bother doing a good job when the writers were turning in recycled, nothing scripts that featured not a whiff of wit, humor or insight in to the human condition.
"Great?" I am sorry but you haven't a clue. Go watch Quinn Martin's "The Fugitive" on MeTV late Sunday nights and learn what a great show is.
Barnaby Jones is to The Fugitive as a comic book is to Tom Sawyer.
djw1120 5 months ago
12 out of 13
I only missed the one about Mr. Drysdale's secretary (not Jane Hathaway, the other one).
I didn't know he had a second secretary.
gracie200 djw1120 4 months ago
i didn't know he did either. In fact I looked it up because the pic they showed looked more like Stephanie Powers than it did Sharon Tate....turns out Tate was in several episodes.
gb9535 5 months ago

Only a TV trivia genius can name all these Beverly Hillbillies characters

You got 13 out of 13
Muleskinner 5 months ago
13/13. Easy for a true BH fan.
EllisClevenger 5 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
Rock on! You strummed right through that!
pidge 7 months ago
Easy-peasey. But who can answer these questions; what was Jethro’s father’s first name? What was Jed’s wife’s name? Answer those and you’re true BH fans.
Catdaddy1 pidge 6 months ago
Jed's wife was Rose Ellen
olddogg 8 months ago
Extry possum pie for the smart feller
TexasGreek 8 months ago
Missed #7

You got 12 out of 13
Rusty 8 months ago
Too easy. I can sipher and I know my guzintas.
RickeyMulkey 8 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
Rock on! You strummed right through that!
MarkYeargin 8 months ago
13/13...Sweet Jesus, I watch WAY too much television!
belllinda 8 months ago
I think I watch to much TV. Getting the right answers can tell a lot about how much TV you watch.

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