Here's how to get the hottest merchandise from the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

Bake the perfect pizza with your Spock oven mitt and USS Enterprise pizza cutter.

Looking to add some memorabilia to your collection? Look no further! At the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo this weekend, we hunted to find the best sci-fi merchandise.

Fans of Star Trek, get excited. Now's your chance to get some of the most unique (and useful) merchandise this side of the galactic quadrant. But it's not all about Trekkies, as there was some awesome merchandise from our other Sci-Fi Saturday Night favorites. Here's what you could buy at the expo this weekend, and how you can get it for yourself today. 

Enterprise Pizza Cutter

"Live long and pizza." The USS Enterprise pizza cutter goes for $25.61 on Amazon

Oven Mitt

"Live long and don't burn your hands." The Spock oven mitt will pair perfectly with the Enterprise pizza cutter. It's currently going for $19 on Amazon


Bring out your inner Trekkie during situations that require formal wear with these novelty neckties. Find similar ones here


Hopefully this Tribble won't cause you any trouble, so long as you remember not to feed it. You can get it right now on Amazon for $9.73

Spock Blanket

This throw blanket will complete the living room set of any Trekkie. The officially licensed product goes for $49.95 on Amazon

Lost in Space MiniMates

Star Trek wasn't the only space-themed show getting some love at the expo. We ran into these Lost in Space toys, which look ideal for collecting or introducing new generations to Dr. Zachary Smith and Robot B-9. You can find the same ones here for $6.95

Batman Character Busts

Holy figurines, Batman! You could get these busts of your favorite Batman characters, including Adam West's Batman, Burt Ward's Robin, and Julie Newmar's Catwoman for about $50 on Amazon

Batgirl Figurine

Fans looking for more than just the bust could also go with a full figurines, although it'll cost a little more. Right now you can find the figurine pictured for $129.99 on Amazon

Batman, Hulk, and Wonder Woman Magnets

People looking for a small takeaway from the expo could choose these superhero-themed magnets. They go for around $10 on Amazon.

Xena Poster

Lucy Lawless signed this one-of-a-kind poster, which went for $75 at the expo. 

Brady Bunch Poster

Okay, so not exactly Sci-Fi related, but it was still a good find! It's rare to get all the kids from The Brady Bunch together, so it looks like this signed poster is the next best thing. Even though Maureen McCormick (Marcia) and Eve Plumb (Jan) didn't put their John Hancock on this one, but that didn't stop it from going for $50

F Troop Poster

Some of the surviving members of F Troop were able to get together to sign this piece of memorabilia. The obscure find was $125, something we can only imagine will increase in value over time. 

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