If there was a popular trend in the 1970s and 1980s, Ponch was all over it on 'CHiPs'

Erik Estrada did more than ride motorcycles. He showed off his dancing, flying, skating and exercising skills, too.

On CHiPs, Ponch and Jon didn't just chase crooks, they chased fads. Well, mostly Ponch.

In some ways, Ponch was one of the original hipsters. If new CHiPs episodes were on today (and they are making a new movie), you can bet that Francis Poncherello would be taking part in home brewing, hoverboards, backyard chickens, artisanal pickling, "the nae nae" and Fitbits.

Last week, we shared our favorite scene from CHiPs, the ultimate 1970s moment in 1970s television. We dug a little deeper to prove that CHiPs was the trendiest show of 1977 to 1983. Here are half a dozen more popular fads of the era you can spot.


In the first episode of season six, "Meet the New Guy," Richard Simmons leads an aerobics session and makes Ponch work those hips.

Roller Skating

In the epic two-part opener to season three, "Roller Disco," Ponch and Jon chase two perps on roller skates. (Set to some funky slap bass music, of course.) It doesn't end so well for the cops.


Season openers were built around trends, as you might have noticed by now, as with this start to year two, "Peaks and Valleys." Ponch has a serious case of Saturday Night Fever. It was 1978, after all.

Roller Disco

You have disco, you have roller skating, you put them together in the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of trends — roller disco. This epic, celebrity-filled scene comes in part two of "Roller Disco."


Zooming down sidewalkd with tiny wheels under your feet was all the rage, in all forms. At least these skaters have proper pad protection. This comes from "Neighborhood Watch" in season two.

Country Line Dancing

Just because the show was set in L.A., that didn't mean Ponch couldn't appeal to the Heartland. Though this square dance in "Rally 'Round the Bank" has a serious disco groove. "Well, cops can dance, too!" a baddie says.

Hang Gliding

Hey, Jon can get in on the fun, too! Especially on a hang glider built for two. This soaring highlight comes from "E.M.T."

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