Can you name these celebrity guest stars on 'CHiPs'?

If you were famous in the late 1970s, you probably met Ponch and Jon.

CHiPs was riddled with celebrity guest stars. Ponch and Jon were patrolling Southern California, after all. 

If you were famous during the show's run, between 1977 and 1983, odds are you made an appearance. The two-part "Roller Disco" and "The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party" episodes alone served up dozens of Seventies stars. 

Spotting the famous faces is part of the fun when watching CHiPs. Let's see how well you remember these cameos.
  1. Who is chatting with Jon?
  2. They once played a married couple, but they appeared on separate episodes in 'CHiPs.'
  3. He starred in several sitcoms you can see right here on MeTV.
  4. Which sitcom were these two promoting?
  5. Do you recognize him without the glasses?
  6. This was his final onscreen role.
  7. On the other hand, for the young woman in the middle, this marked her first onscreen role.
  8. This was one of her earliest roles.
  9. Who are these two?
  10. He was a teen idol who made hearts throb.
  11. These two women both played what iconic role?
  12. Who was he on 'Happy Days'?
  13. Who is being robbed here?
  14. This daughter of Frank Zappa (on the right) inspired his hit "Valley Girl." She sang on the Top 40 smash, too.

Can you name these celebrity guest stars on 'CHiPs'?

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