5 must-see episodes on MeTV this week of September 26

There are some serious shake-ups on our shows this week!

The last week of September means autumn is in full swing and Halloween is right around the corner. With the temperatures dipping, there's never been a better time to curl up with a blanket and watch your favorite shows.

This week brings a lot of changes to the shows on our lineup. Characters leave, new ones arrive and the setting drastically changes for one classic sitcom. Here's a peek at what's new, and what you should watch this week on MeTV

Mama's Family "Vint and the Kids Move In"
Tuesday 27 at 6PM | 5C

Tuesday marks the series premiere of Mama's Family, when Vinton and the kids move into Mama's house after being evicted. Fran disapproves of the decision, creating problems for the entire household. 

Happy Days "Westward Ho: Part 3"
Wednesday 28 at 9PM | 8C

Forget jumping the shark. During the sixth season of Happy Days, Fonzie rides a killer bull in Colorado to raise $1,000 for Uncle Ben's dude ranch. It's definitely a long way from Milwaukee. 

The Brady Bunch "Love and the Older Man"
Friday 30 at 7AM | 6C

Marcia Brady is in a daze after visiting the dentist, and it's not from the Novocain. The teenager is in love with her dentist, and she also gets the notion he is in love with her. The problem is, besides the age difference, the dentist is married. Will Marcia reject his offer, or embark on a new love affair?

M*A*S*H "Welcome to Korea (Part 1)"
Friday 30 at 7:30PM | 6:30C

Anyone who loves Trapper John might be a little heartbroken with this episode. Hawkeye returns to the 4077th to find out his buddy has been discharged. When he misses the chance to say goodbye, Hawkeye is given the opportunity to greet his new colleague, B.J. 

Laverne & Shirley "Not Quite New York"
Sunday 2 at 3:30PM | 2:30C

Remember when Laverne and Shirley left Milwaukee midway through the series? This is the episode that kicks off the change in setting, when both women are fired from the brewery and decide to pack up and leave for California. 

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