30 years later, Bill Mumy was still proud to be Will Robinson

The actor speaks on what it was like to be Lost in Space.

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When the space family Robinson first became lost in the infinite depths of space, nobody expected the kid to be the breakout star. Back in 1965, CBS launched Lost in Space into hyperdrive, assuming the show would serve as a vehicle for stars Guy Williams and June Lockhart. The toplining duo were both known Hollywood commodities; Dr. Smith wasn't even in the first pilot. In time, though, viewers made it clear that the real stars of the show were the robot, the dastardly Dr. Smith, and little Will Robinson, played by Bill Mumy.

In a 1997 article for The Orange County Register, Mumy reflected on his childhood amongst the stars. "Will Robinson was a hero," said Mumy. "He was a genius. He had a robot and a laser gun, and he was the guy who saved the day week after week. I LOVED being Will Robinson.

"I'm still very close to the cast from the old series, and we all see each other socially as well as work together at occasional science-fiction conventions and special events. It's been a blessing."

Mumy stayed interstellar for the rest of his career, acting in shows like Babylon 5, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He even lent his voice to an episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. So, Mumy was able to speak knowledgeably regarding what separated Lost in Space from other television sci-fi. 

"The arena of space, the future, other worlds, is a wonderful and easy place to let your imagination run wild," said Mumy. "Lost in Space combined adventure, fantasy, and science fiction as well as humor and the basic Western in which pioneer families explored unknown territories and battled hostile environments."

Mumy summarized what made the show special by looking at it outside of the context of genre: "Good science fiction is like good comedy or good drama; it's simply well done."

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MadMadMadWorld 26 days ago
Forget about only 30 years later, it's now 55 years later after its last episode in 1968!
tootsieg 1 month ago
Billy Mumy was one heck of a child actor. I love the Twilight Zone but when the episode “It’s a Good Life” comes on, I don’t watch it. Too scary.
LoveMETV22 tootsieg 29 days ago
Credit to Angela Cartwright as well. Although her resume may not be as lengthy as Bill Mumy's, still a great actress.
Moonpie 1 month ago
Considering his body of work, he is an underrated actor!
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
Fun show. I liked when it followed Svengoolie at 10 pm.
Andybandit 1 month ago
I never seen LIS. I have seen BM in a lot of other shows. I also saw him on some episode of Svengoolie.
MeTVPLUS runs it early in the AM. I can't understand why MeTVPlus is never mentioned here,
very odd. I talked to Mumy once at a convention, he used that allusion to LIS being like
a Western then as well.
Snickers Andybandit 29 days ago
You should give it a try. A fun series and a little campy but what the heck it was the 60's after all.
Bapa1 1 month ago
In 1984 saw him backing up the group America in concert. Somebody refresh my memory, why didn't he cameo in the movie? I seem to recall there were some disagreements.
daDoctah Bapa1 1 month ago
Bill and his Barnes & Barnes partner Robert Haimer (who had started that band with the novelty song "Fish Heads", were heavily involved with America in the years following their last real hit "You Can Do Magic" in 1982 and their parting of the ways with Capitol Records.
Bapa1 daDoctah 1 month ago
I remember the song and the video.
Pacificsun 1 month ago
Perhaps in sharing an opinion w/ others. The series is timeless. Enjoyed very much as a kid. Midway, Maybe midway, it seemed kind of corny. Then you figure out the costumes weren't meant to be literal, but theatrical. As an adult, enjoy the acting. And the adventures. Especially w/ supporting stories from MeTV. I can look for certain things. Like the timing of scenes. Mumy said he kept track of the blocking by counting steps to the different positions. As an actor he was complemented for his professionalism. That it was a learning experience. The better they did (chemistry), the more screen time they got. It's really evident how much Mumy liked what he was doing. From interviews given, he never lost respect for the production. Or the Fans. No wonder these shows are timeless.
Snickers Pacificsun 1 month ago
Loved the first two seasons and the third season episodes Hunters Moon and A Visit to a Hostile Planet but when they brought in the talking carrot they lost me.
MikefromJersey Snickers 29 days ago
Sir, you have slurred "The Great Vegetable Rebellion"! It's pistols at dawn behind the
Jupiter Two, you can claim Doctor Smith as your second, I'll take Major West.
Snickers MikefromJersey 29 days ago
How about I just bring a salad bowl and a vegetable chopper?
MikefromJersey Snickers 29 days ago
LOL, you won that battle of wits.
sputnik_57 1 month ago
I liked LiS when I was a child 7-10 years old. I liked Bill in Bless The Beasts and the Children. (great movie!) I don't recall seeing him in any other movies.
LoveMETV22 1 month ago
Excellent article. Fast forward a bit. Bill Mumy did an interview with the
"Television Academy Foundation," about a decade ago? The entire interview is lengthy, but he discusses Babylon 5, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as well as other topics. One particular part of that interview he discussed his efforts to launch a Lost in Space reunion.

Pacificsun LoveMETV22 1 month ago
If they'd done it, would've been interesting to share as a group. Focusing around particular scenes (stories). And what happened in the background. We can piece some of it together through separate interviews. But the chemistry of a group-share, really enhances the effect through memories. And significant details from each actor. IMO Billy Mumy is a total professional, and never seemed worried about typecasting. Just appreciative of his opportunity!!
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 1 month ago
It's such an interesting series. Also enjoy the interviews Jonathan Harris did about LIS and his take on Irwin Allen I know you and I had discussed that in the past.
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