16 retro and ridiculous cigarette ads you'll never see today

Nine of out 10 doctors recommend these ads.

Before the Surgeon General released his report in 1964 on the adverse effects of smoking, cigarette advertisements were all over the place. Billboards, magazines and television advertisements all touted the glamorous appeal of the dangerous habit.  

It's true that advertisements aren't necessarily known to be truthful. But these vintage cigarette ads took little white lies to a whole new level. If we were to believe these ads, you probably could have walked out of the doctor's office with a lollipop and cigarette in hand. 

Today, cigarette ads are almost all but extinct. However, we can still relive them through these 16 examples. The effects of cigarettes are no joke, but these ads pack a lot of humor into the toxic product. Take a look. 

1. Lucy and Ricky have some 'splaining to do! 

2. He went on the Lucky Strike diet. 

3. Would you trust this doctor? 

4. Ah yes, a cigarette is definitely healthier than a piece of candy.


5. Where are these 20,679 and how can we report them to the CDC? 

6. Improve your backswing and lose a ton of weight with Lucky Strike. 

7. Just in time for Halloween! 

8. No adverse effects on the nose, throat and sinuses? Don't tell the Surgeon General. 

9. If smart people are smoking, then it must be okay! 

10. Switch cigarettes? Nah, I'll see you outside. Hold my earrings. 

11. Doctors recommend it, and now dentists do too! 

12. Babies and cigarettes just shouldn't appear in the same ad. 

13. We spoke too soon. Before you discipline your child, smoke a Marlboro. 

14. How much do you want a bet this woman is not a lab technician? 

15. Don't worry, women! Lucky Strike didn't forget about you. 

16. Obviously, a woman's delicate hand can't hold a normal cigarette. 

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