14 toys you totally forgot you had growing up in the 1960s

Chatty Cathy, Punch-Me's and Thingmakers were all the rage as kids.

We all remember playing with popular dolls like Barbie and G.I. Joe as kids growing up in the 1960s. But what about the toys that didn't make it past our generation? 

These 14 toys gave us fun times and great memories, and it's about time they got some recognition. Do you remember having any of these?

1. Little Miss Echo 

It's the doll you could teach how to talk. All you had to do was turn her bow to the left to record your voice, and turn it to the right to hear Little Miss Echo repeat it. 

2. Punch-Me's 

We were able to take out our aggression on Fred Flintstone, Batman and even Frosty the Snowman. 

3. Johnny Speed Race Car 

Never before or since was there a more stylish remote-control car.

4. Wacky Wind-Ups 

Wind it up and watch it go! These toys moved around awkwardly, but they were a blast to play with. 

5. Little Kiddles 

Which one was your favorite?

6. Marx's Farm Set 

If you lived in the city or suburbs, this was your only way to experience life on the farm. 

7. Marx's Fort Apache Set 

We couldn't wait to re-enact our favorite Westerns with this classic set.

8. Marx's Operation Moon Base 

Before the moon landing, this was how the first man landed on the moon — in our imagination.

9. Go-Go the Burro 

According to this ad, he was your "walking amigo." Check out his friend Mobo Bronco in the background. 

10. Thingmaker Toys 

Did you have a better time making "fun flowers" or "creepy crawlers"?

11. Sears Typewriter 

Kids today have their very own iPads, but back in the '60s we had our very own typewriters!

12. Pinball Machines

This thing was pretty light, which meant it was easy to tilt the game in our favor. 

13. Hoppity Hops 

These things were the best, until they slowly deflated, or worse, popped. 

14. Chatty Cathy

Even The Brady Bunch's Marcia was a fan of Chatty Cathy as a kid. The talking doll came with 11 prerecorded sayings at first.

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RedSamRackham 38 months ago
* Only in my baby photos did I ever have a clown punch-me! ☺
KarRR 45 months ago
I had the Bozo the Clown Punch Me loved beating him up in front of the tv while watching Sesame Street, and Romper Room, and Capt. Kangaroo! Also I had the 70s version of Creepy Crawlers with the cauldron to hold the goop. Also I ate my goop and my critters
TimMcMurray 51 months ago
What about Vacuform? With the toy you heated plastic squares of different colors and pressed them over molds to make your own toys. I had a lot of fun doing that as a boy.
idkwut2use 51 months ago
I feel like my brother had something extremely similar to the Fort Apache set in the 90s. We LOVED our 90s version of Creepy Crawlers. Didn't need a toy typewriter because I used the real one. x-} Those pinball machines are so cute...I have a space-themed one from much later. Also had a multicolored hopping-ball with two handles that made it look like a cow's udder. xD Classic stuff
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