Collector's Call Web Extras: Rare Lego toys and collectibles

Lego back in time!

Over the past two decades, Jeff Viens has assembled an incredible collection of all things Lego, from vintage 1950s pieces to modern Star Wars- and Marvel-themed sets.

Some of Jeff's prized possessions include a 1958 wooden Lego toy boat; a rare town-plan set from the 1960s, and the world’s largest Lego trebuchet — which he built himself.

We're joined on this episode by Jeff’s girlfriend, Julie Blair, as well as Lego store owner and fellow enthusiast Jim Demer, who will set a value on Jeff's collection.

Jeff also surprised Lisa with a one-of-a-kind, custom-built set. Jim brought along a rare space-themed Lego set in the hope of making a trade with Jeff.

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