Only a Boomer can complete the names of these popular 1960s toys

Wait… what was the name of Barbie's little sister?

No matter what your age, you have likely opened one of these toys under the Christmas tree. Some of them remain classics to this day.

But in many cases, you had to grow up in the 1960s to know the names of the toys. From the giant robots to the walking dogs, these nifty playthings sparked our imagination. 

Let's see if you can fill in all the blanks.

  1. ______ A Sketch
  2. Lite-______
  3. Easy-______ Oven
  4. ______ 'Em ______ 'Em Robots
  5. Chatty _______
  6. _______ Homemaker
  7. Major ______ Mason
  8. ______ of Monkeys
  9. _______ Barbie's Little Sister
  10. Mr. _______
  11. Big _______
  12. _______ Dolls
  13. _______ the Walking Dog

Only a Boomer can complete the names of these popular 1960s toys

Your Result...

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MeAgain65 7 months ago
Why would they name Barbies sister Skipper, And who would want a toy dog named Gaylord Or a doll named flatsy . Bet I know why those toys failed .
TammyBedder 7 months ago
Got 13 out of 13. I completely guessed 1 of the answers but got it right !
JamesBrashear 7 months ago
10 out of 13. Not bad considering I was born in the 70s.
LindaWilliams 8 months ago
Only a Boomer can complete the names of these popular 1960s toys
You got 12 out of 13
This counted as a video game in the 1960s. You had to use your imagination. But how was your memory. Share your results.
LarryLeGros 8 months ago
10/13. I guessed on half of them.
They forgot Johnny Lightening!
Kellyedee 8 months ago
Oh puleeze....I'm GenX and I can answer most of them. I had a few of them. It WAS the 70s after all. LOL
nerakr 8 months ago
9/13. Not quite a boomer. Born one year too late.
UnicornPrincess 8 months ago
9/13. Easy cuz a lot of these are still really popular.
Mydoglucky9 8 months ago
I watch a lot of old You Tube so I knew the toys except for two because I never heard of the ones I missed.
ErinWard Mydoglucky9 8 months ago
Me either.
Themadgreek 8 months ago
I love doing the quizzes, even when I do poorly on some I should be good at. 😉
DonaldS1000 8 months ago
Not sure but Some of these seem like 1950’s toys.
Kellyedee DonaldS1000 8 months ago
They were, but Boomers were born in the 4os and 50s. I was born in the 70s and I know most of them. Not because I played with them (I had a few), but because the names became iconic phrases.
SueNJBirder 8 months ago
didnt they make a Skipper who "developed" by turning her arm around?
Amalthea SueNJBirder 7 months ago
Yes. I remember when it came out. I DIDN'T want one!
BR549WHO2 8 months ago
Either my sister or myself had every one of these toys except for Big Loo which I've never heard of. The 60's were great!
carrman BR549WHO2 8 months ago
Definitely not an English toy😅😅🤣🤣
Kellyedee BR549WHO2 8 months ago
So were the 70s! I got 10/13 and I heard of all of them but about 4. I had at least of them.
Angie 8 months ago
10/13. Some I've never heard of, but I remember Gaylord the dog because I wanted him so much. Never got him though.
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