14 covers of TV Guide that prove 1967 was a classic year for television

Carol Burnett, Raymond Burr and Sally Field all had starring roles 50 years ago.

Image: TV Guide

Here's a look back on what primetime television was like 50 years ago, as told by the covers of TV Guide

Old icons like Lucille Ball and Raymond Burr continued in their successes, while up-and-comers like Sally Field and Carol Burnett were finally given a chance to showcase their talent. 

We think 1967 was a fantastic year for television. Want proof? Take a look. 

The Monkees - January 28 

TV Guide

The sitcom about four rock singers trying to make it big wasn't just adorned by teens — critics loved it too! The series won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1967. 

Star Trek - March 4 

TV Guide

Who could have known the impact of Star Trek when the series' first season wrapped in the spring of 1967? Fast forward 50 years, and a new television series is slated to premiere late this spring. 

Daktari - April 1 

TV Guide

Who remembers this show? The children's drama about a veterinarian in Africa was the seventh highest ranked television show in 1967. 

Dick Van Dyke - April 8 

TV Guide

A year after The Dick Van Dyke Show ended, and 26 years before starring in Diagnosis Murder,Van Dyke stayed in the spotlight by starring in his own television special. 

Family Affair - April 22 

TV Guide

The sitcom wrapped up its first of five seasons in 1967, becoming the 15th most-watched show of that year. 

Bewitched - May 13 

TV Guide

Dick York was still on the supernatural sitcom in 1967, but viewers tuned in every week to see the star, Elizabeth Montgomery.

The Andy Griffith Show - May 20 

TV Guide

Andy Taylor and Helen Crump were finally engaged in 1967, although they would marry a year later on the series premiere of Mayberry R.F.D.

Get Smart - June 24 

TV Guide

Would you believe this show is more than 50 years old? The satirical comedy kicked off its third season in 1967.

The Lucy Show - July 15 

TV Guide

After 15 consecutive years on television, Lucille Ball was still receiving acclaim for The Lucy Show. In 1967, Ball won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. 

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - August 26 

TV Guide

In the 1967–68 television season, Jim Nabor's hit sitcom would be the third most watched show on television. 

Ironside - September 16 

TV Guide

A little more than a year after Perry Mason signed off, Raymond Burr took a seat as Robert Ironside in the crime drama Ironside, which recently joined the MeTV lineup.

The Flying Nun - September 30 

TV Guide

What a concept! Sally Field first flew around in her unusual habit in September of 1967. 

The Mothers-In-Law - December 9 

TV Guide

The Desi Arnaz–produced sitcom about two friends who become in-laws premiered in September of 1967. 

The Carol Burnett Show - December 30 

TV Guide

Carol Burnett's eponymous show premiered 50 years ago this September.

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