10 ridiculous 'Weekly World News' covers that made us do a double take in 1981

You know you flipped through it at the grocery checkout.

It was hard to resist, sitting there beneath the gum and mints. While you waited for the customers ahead of you to pay for their cases of Diet Rite and Hunt's Snack Packs, your eyes would wander over the tabloids. No weekly rag carried more outrageous — and obviously unreal — headlines than Weekly World News. Printed in black & white, Weekly World News didn't waste money like those fancypants at National Enquirer. No, this was pure, dispoable junk food reading.

What always got us to look was the simple trick of splashing a huge unbelievable headline above a big photo of a popular celebrity. The headlines never went with the photos, but at first glance? It certainly seemed that way. The editors knew what they were doing. 

We flipped through some issues from 1981 to reminisce about all our favorite TV stars of the day. Here are some of the more memorable "gotcha!" headline-and-photo pairings.

Look, Kenny has a bushy beard, but let's not get carried away.

Wrong again. We are fairly certain Bigfoot is not a country star.

Image: Google Books

Regardless of who is Bigfoot, Valerie Bertinelli might have touched him.

Who knew that aliens held a grudge against WKRP in Cincinnati?

Well, this is going to set back production of Hart to Hart

Hey, Ma Walton is no space beast!

"Starships Send Message of Love" …and Dudley Moore receives.

We'd listen to marriage advice from Magnum, P.I.

Who knew Daisy Duke married a man on his sixteenth life?

That unborn twin would get some votes.

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