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Hostage Copter (s2, ep38)
Dan Mathews uses the Highway Patrol helicopter to rescue a terror-stricken girl from abductors.
The Jade Story (s1, ep10)
More than $200,000 worth of imperial jade is reported stolen. Friday and Gannon determine the burglary was an inside job.
The Big Shooting (s1, ep11)
A police officer is shot while making a routine check on a pair of paroled convicts parked near a liquor store.
The Wiley Method (s1, ep29)
Robbie can't seem to arouse the interest of classmate Maribel Quinby.
Can Of Cake!
"Toony accidentally gets his head stuck in a can, and it's up to Bill to set him free. Cartoons feature Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird and Tom & Jerry. "
Beaver The Model
"Beaver sends his picture in to a modeling agency and they reply with a letter stating they will place his photo in a modeling directory. Soon after Beaver receives another letter this time asking for $30 and when Beaver ignores it, the company threatens legal action."
Wally The Businessman
"Wally gets a job selling Igloo ice cream and quickly finds himself giving credit to everyone, including Eddie. However, as the day approaches that his money is to be collected, Wally scrambles to get those who owe him money, to pay up."
The Case Of The Bartered Bikini (s3, ep8)
Wally Dunbar seeks Mason's help in securing ownership of his new summer line of swimwear, but the sketches are stolen and, worse yet, chief designer Rick Stassi is murdered.
The Photographer (s1, ep)
Matlock goes pro bono to help a troubled young woman accused of murdering her photographer boss.
The Law On Trial: Part 2 (s5, ep22)
Gillespie, Tibbs and Father DiMarco must stand trial for harboring a fugitive and obstructing justice. Althea fears Virgil's career could suffer if he is found guilty. Meanwhile the other officers monitor the situation with Lawyer Epp and his mafia associates.
The Lumberjack (s9, ep20)
A new company starts in the area and wants to sell wood to the Waltons.
Jubilee (s18, ep14)
A man neglects his family in favor of raising his prize possession: a race horse.
Death On Sun Mountain (s1, ep2)
The Cartwrights go up against two San Francisco men who plan to get rich by killing off the antelope herds—which the indians rely on for food—and selling the meat to Virginia City's swarms of gold miners.
The Brother-in-law (s1, ep5)
Mark's uncle, Johnny Gibb, a big-time rodeo rider, comes to visit. While Mark idolizes his uncle, Lucas discovers that Johnny is on the run from the law for an Express Office robbery.
The Beth Pearson Story (s4, ep22)
The leaders of the wagon train are taken aback when they see a woman asking to join the group who is the twin of Major Adams one and only love—who died in his arms.
Log 92 -- Tell Him He Pushed Back A Little Too Hard (s1, ep25)
Malloy and Reed respond to repeated calls about an argument between two men and their wives over a boat they co-own. The feud escalates and ends with a fatal conclusion.
Log 22: So This Little Guy Goes Into This Bar, And...
"A fur burglary, a family fight and a loud party."
Lurch, The Teenage Idol (s1, ep33)
Lurch's singing while playing his harpsichord gets Gomez and Morticia's attention who believe he could be a pop sensation, so they call a record promoter. Lurch soon becomes a teen idol when his record hits the airwaves and the Addams home is soon invaded by swooning teenage girls.
Another Night At Antoine's (s9, ep4)
Chachi tells Joanie that he wants to date other girls and soon realizes that he's made a big mistake. He tries to straighten things out with her, but she goes out on a dinner date with another guy.
Mad Dogs And Servicemen (s3, ep13)
A local dog bites Radar, and the camp conducts a search to find the pooch so that Radar doesn't have to undergo a series of painful rabies vaccinations. Hawkeye defies Frank, to take care of a GI who's suffering from a case of hysterical paralysis.
Private Charles Lamb (s3, ep14)
A Greek Colonel thanks the 4077th by giving them food and drink for an Easter celebration. But the feast is foiled when softhearted Radar saves the main course from the spit—a lamb, which Radar tricks Henry into giving a medical discharge and sends home to Ottumwa, Iowa. Thus, Hawkeye and Trapper invent the famed Spam Lamb!
The Rumor (s4, ep29)
When Barney sees Andy kissing Helen in a jewelry store, he gets the idea that they are engaged. So he starts planning an engagement party and gets the whole town involved.
Barney And Thelma Lou, Phfftt (s4, ep30)
After Gomer naively tells Thelma Lou that Barney thinks "he has her in his hip pocket." Thelma Lou decides to teach Barney a lesson by flirting with Gomer.
Supply Sergeants Never Die (s2, ep6)
Carter, who says that Supply Sgt. Singer has the easiest job, wagers that any knucklehead could handle it—even Gomer.
A Star Named Arnold Is Born: Part 1 (s3, ep29)
Arnold's performance as a British police dog in the Hooterville theater production of Who--the marquee wasn't big enough for Who Killed Jock Robin?--turns him into an overnight star. Lisa is so impressed, she arranges for an old friend to give him a Hollywood screen test. The Douglases are soon Tinseltown bound, escorting the hammy actor west for his big showbiz break.
The Return Of Major Bonacelli (s4, ep25)
The Italian officer who studied under Klink helps Hogan photograph an air base.
Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan (s4, ep26)
Hogan's men plan to surprise him for his birthday by blowing up an ammunition dump.
Guests Ken Berry And Carl Reiner
In Disaster '75, Carol and the gang parody "Airport '75", complete with rowdy passengers, romantic triangles, and a surprise landing.
The Case Of The Silent Six (s9, ep11)
Police Sergeant Dave Wolfe warns Joe Oliver to stay away from his kid sister, Susan. Now Susan's been beaten up in her apartment, Oliver has been shot to death and Dave is being charged with murder.
The Dummy (s3, ep33)
A ventriloquist is convinced that his dummy is not only alive but also evil.
The Return Of The Hero (s3, ep22)
A war hero must choose between a new love and the girl he left behind.
The Right Kind Of A House (s3, ep23)
A woman schemes to avenge her son's death with a unique plan.
Missing: Sun And Sky (s3, ep1)
A valuable racehorse has disappeared on the way to Florida. Mannix is hired to retrieve the noble animal learn why it was abducted.
Child Of Fear (s2, ep9)
Paul Stubber taps the computer of the railroad company to be able to rob cars with valuable goods. However, nothing can be proved against him. Cannon finds Stubber's weak spot: The crook fights for the right to keep his son.