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Narcotics Racket (s4, ep17)
Swindlers pose as Federal Narcotics Officers to dupe family members.
The Subscription Racket (s1, ep14)
Friday learns about a scam artist with a novel twist: he uses an authentic Congressional Medal of Honor to solicit magazine subscriptions.
The Big Gun (s1, ep15)
A Japanese widow is senselessly murdered, leaving her small daughter an orphan. Friday has a hard time controlling his emotions while seeking the killer.
One Week To Go (s10, ep7)
With one week to go until the wedding day, Steve and Barbara have an argument serious enough for them to reconsider their marriage.
Porky's Hare Hunt (1938), Prest-o Change-o, Hare-um Scare-um, A Wild Hare, Elmer's Candid Camera
"While rabbit hunting, Porky and his dog discover a crazy white rabbit that outwits the pair at every turn. , Two dogs are making a film about stage magic, so they visit a rabbit who shows them some tricks., Bugs battles with a hunter appearing in various guises and making doors appear that lead to nowhere. , While hunting rabbits, Elmer Fudd comes across Bugs Bunny who tricks and harasses the hunter. , Elmer reads a book on how to photograph and then heads out to nature to try and take some pictures. Out in the wilderness Elmer runs into a lot of grief when Bugs Bunny enters the frame. "
Kite Day (s4, ep37)
An upcoming father-son kite day has Beaver getting all excited when Ward agrees to participate with him. They do a great job building a kite together but when Gilbert talks Beaver into testing it out, the kite crashes and falls apart. This leaves Beaver with the duty to tell Ward just what happened.
Beaver's Doll Buggy (s4, ep38)
Beaver buys a rundown mini-race car from Eddie and needs to find a set of wheels for it. Beaver decides to ask Penny Woods if he could have the wheels off her old doll buggy but finds himself in an awkward position: pushing a doll buggy down the street.
The Case Of The Silent Six (s9, ep11)
Police Sergeant Dave Wolfe warns Joe Oliver to stay away from his kid sister, Susan. Now Susan's been beaten up in her apartment, Oliver has been shot to death and Dave is being charged with murder.
The Lemon (s3, ep)
When Matlock's new neighbor, Les "Ace" Calhoun (Don Knotts), is charged with murdering the used car salesman who sold him a lemon, Matlock takes the case to prove that more than one person had a motive.
Poor Relations (s7, ep21)
Comedic episode in which Parker's ne'er-do-well stepfather returns to Sparta with a new wife, a stolen painting and two inept art thieves who are determined to steal the painting back.
The Hiding Place (s5, ep23)
A Baldwin relative visits and John-Boy wants to interview her about events in Europe
Mr. Sam'l (s13, ep24)
Durning a drought, a watch witch (someone who can find water), comes to town. Meanwhile, a businessman attempts to buy up farms during this time, no matter the method.
Sweet Annie Laurie (s10, ep15)
Hoss offers to help Annie Laurie run away from her abusive husband, a career criminal who is determined to keep his wife under his control.
The Queue (s3, ep34)
A Chinese man and his son fight prejudice as they try to open a laundry in North Fork.
The Vaqueros (s4, ep1)
While Lucas and Mark are traveling across the Mexican desert they encounter a trio of Mexican bandits. They demand payment from Lucas for crossing "their" desert. Lucas refuses. In retaliation, the three slam Lucas in the throat with his rifle, strip him of all his possessions (including Mark), tie him to a tree and leave him to die of thirst and exposure.
The Annie Macgregor Story (s1, ep21)
The MacGregor clan decides to come to America and start a new life. The wagon trains going to California have had a hard time dealing with their different customs. Can Major Adams' be any different?
Log 161 -- And You Want Me To Get Married! (s1, ep6)
After an evening at Jim's with his wife, Pete's girlfriend, Donna, is making marriage comments that has Pete running for cover. Mixed in with their calls is a domestic noise complaint Pete uses to support his bachelorhood.
Log 71 -- I Feel Like A Fool, Malloy (s1, ep7)
It is a shift of conflicts forcing Malloy and Reed to use their wits to keep control and make the right decisions end on a low note.
The Addams Family Goes To School
"Sam Hilliard, a truant officer, shows up at the Addams family home, due to the fact that Pugsley and Wednesday are not attending school. Soon he discovers he's dealing with no typical everyday family. Later, Gomez and Morticia agree to enroll Wednesday and Pugsley in school but make a shocking discovery, fairy tale violence."
Spunkless Spunky (s5, ep19)
Fonzie's dog, Spunky, appears depressed and distant. After a visit to the veterinarian, it is determined that Spunky's problem is mental.
Mulcahy's War (s5, ep8)
After Frank discovers that Danny Fitzsimmons has shot himself to get out of combat, Father Mulcahy is called in. Realizing his lack of understanding of the fighting, Mulcahy accompanies Radar to an aid station, where they encounter the real war at first hand. Mulcahy performs an emergency tracheotomy, guided by Hawkeye over the radio.
The Korean Surgeon (s5, ep9)
When Dr. Syn Paik, a North Korean surgeon, arrives with some wounded, he is passed off as a South Korean by Hawkeye and B.J., but to no avail. Hot Lips and Frank try to convince Potter that Paik is a spy. Paik, Hawkeye and B.J. agree that it would be in the interest of all for him to leave.
High Noon In Mayberry (s3, ep17)
Barney gets hysterical when Andy receives a letter from a man he arrested and sent to prison. The convict is to be released soon and says in the letter that he is coming to settle the score with Andy.
Love Letters To The Sarge (s1, ep19)
Sgt. Carter begins receiving love letters, but he has no clue who is sending them.
The Carpenter's Ball (s6, ep22)
Ralph wants Hank to ask her to the Carpenter's Ball, but he comes up with feeble excuses to avoid going. Planning to get the two together at the event, Lisa asks Hank to be her date to the party. In no time, Hooterville is convinced that the Douglases' marriage is on the rocks and that Lisa and Hank are running off to Acapulco.
Clearance Sale At The Black Market (s4, ep1)
After seeing something he shouldn't have, Schultz is ordered to the Russian front.
Klink Vs. The Gonculator (s4, ep2)
Hogan leads Klink to believe a rabbit trap is a secret electronic device in order for Klink to bring an electronics expert, who wants to defect, to camp.
Guest Andy Griffith
"Guest Andy Griffith. Originally aired on 11/17/69."
The Case Of The Playboy Pugilist (s6, ep3)
Boxing trainer Jimmy West thinks he's finally found a championship contender in Davey Carroll. Unfortunately, Davey's tangled love life leads to Jimmy being charged with murder.
The Day Of The Bullet (s5, ep20)
When a friend is killed, a man reminisces about an incident in their past.
Hitch Hike (s5, ep21)
A businessman has second thoughts about having picked up a hitchhiker.
All The Dead Were Strangers (s7, ep15)
Mannix investigates when a plane crash is followed by murder attempts on the survivors.
Murder By The Numbers (s3, ep13)
After a model ends up dead, the man last seen with her hires Cannon. He insists the girl was alive when he left her, so Cannon starts to dig - and turns up quite a collection of motives.
Wipeout (s4, ep22)
Barnaby probes the death of a girl who was a supposedly skilled surfer.