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Bedloe Strikes Again
Homer Bedloe, an executive with the C&W Railroad makes a second attempt at shutting the Hooterville Cannonball down.
Uncle Joe's Replacement
General store clerk Herbie Bates is name assistant general manager of the Shady Rest by Kate, making Uncle Joe feel like he is being replaced.
River Boat
Bat Masterson is relieved of $10,000 in a daring riverboat hold up. After the clever band of robbers works its way systematically through the entire passenger list of a Missouri boat, Bat goes into action.
Battle Of The Pass
Bat commands one of the forces in a railroad war. Mace Pomeroy, frantically attempting to beat General Moran in laying tracks through a canyon, offers Bat a small fortune to help fight Moran. Bat, however, decides for Moran and ends up in a historic gan
End Of An Outlaw
Gilman tries to prevent a bank robbery.
Look For The Woman
Gilman's only link to an outlaw band: the sister of a gunman he killed.
When Paladin is hired by a woman to discourage the advances of an unwanted suitor, it isn't long before she vanishes, the trail of clues leading to a group of counterfeiters.
Return To Fort Benjamin
Paladin is hired by an Indian chief to help his son, Yellow Star. Not to save his life but to assure he receives a proper Indian burial after his execution. Paladin soon begins to wonder if Yellow Star is guilty.
Two Tickets To Ten Strike
Bret uncovers a bizarre plot of murder and blackmail in the town of Ten Strike, New Mexico.
The Weight Of Command
Bill and Major Adams plan on going hunting with a friend, but when he is not home they suspect a renegade party of Cheyenne who have broken the peace treaty—and the wagon train may be their next target.
The Midas Man
Scott Breckinridge offers to loan money to ranchers during a serious drought. When he will not give an extension to the loans, the ranchers believe the Barkleys are part of a plot to buy up foreclosed land.
Once A Haggen
A friend of Festus' is accused of murdering the man who bested them at poker.
The Underdog
Little Joe convinces Ben to hire half-indian Harry Starr, who is accused by other ranchers of being a chronic horse thief. Joe sets out to prove the others wrong, but is the youngest Cartwright's trust misplaced?
Incident Of The Death Dancer
Quince and Mushy are returning from town when they hear what they think is a puma. Mushy wanders away and is knocked out by the cat and rescued by a stranger. The man tells them it is not a puma but an African lion he is hunting.
The Choice
Jane Koster asks Josh's help with her husband, Frank, who is also a bounty hunter. He is out looking for Stacy Lenz with a score to settle and Jane fears for his life.
Three For One
Josh, with prisoner Tom Fellows in tow, stops in Center City for the night, unaware that one of Tom's cohorts is devising a plan to free him.
Three Little Pigskins, False Alarms, Healthy, Wealthy, And Dumb, You Natzy Spy, Three Little Twirps, Pop Goes The Easel
Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein
"The Wolfman tries to help foil Dracula's attempts to transfer Lou's brain into the ailing Frankenstein monster."
Shore Leave
The past three months has left the crew of the Enterprise exhausted and in desperate need of a break, but does this explain McCoy's encounter with a human-sized white rabbit or Kirk crossing paths with the prankster who plagued his days at Starfleet Academy?
Vegas In Space
Buck races to the gambling city when a woman is kidnapped due to her knowledge of a crime boss' business.
Horror In The Heights
A Hindu Rakshasa terrorizes a Jewish neighborhood.
Visit To A Hostile Planet
After the Jupiter 2 is sucked through a time warp, the Robinsons find themselves near Earth. Upon arrival to their planet, however, they discover the year is 1947.
With his discovery of an undersea fissure, a former colleague of Nelson's turns into a menacing monster bent on destroying the Seaview.
Wild Journey
When human time travelers from the future arrive on the Land of the Giants for a research mission, Steve and Dan steal their time machine and try to return to the day of the Spindrift launch to prevent the fateful trip.
The Last Patrol
Tony and Doug are charged with espionage when they land in Louisiana just before the battle of New Orleans.