Who's your TV husband?

Does your husband put up with your antics like Ricky Ricardo?

Valentine's Day is almost here! Here at MeTV, we have one question before the big day. Who's your TV husband?

Are you married to someone who puts up with your antics like Ricky Ricardo? Or is your husband filthy rich like Thurston Howell III?

We bet we can guess which TV husband is most like your significant other. Want to know? Take the quiz and find out!

To get ready for Valentine’s Day, MeTV invites lovers of classic television to "Love Me." Presented all day long on Sunday, February 11, "Love Me" serves up special love-themed episodes of our regularly scheduled programming.

The romantic event kicks off at 12PM | 11C! 

  1. Pick a stock image of a couple:
  2. Pick an emoji:
  3. Pick a pre-Valentine's Day dinner cocktail:
  4. Pick a post-Valentine's Day dinner dessert:
  5. Pick a romantic song:
  6. What's the most important thing in a relationship?
  7. Pick a shade of red:
  8. What's your significant other's nickname for you?

Who's your TV husband?

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ValT 30 months ago
Darrin Stevens? Never! He pretends to his wife, but only wants to control her. He makes her sick by forcing her to not use her powers. No, I would never be married to that.

Besides, everybody knows that my hubby is BJ Honeycutt. ;-)
Kthompson 46 months ago
I did both quizzes: husband and wife. I got laura Petrie on the wife and Rob Petrie on the husband lol
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