Who said the first line in these classic TV shows?

Only a classic TV expert can remember who said the first lines in these 12 shows!

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At MeTV, we've asked if you can match the character to the first line of their respective shows several times, including for series like The Brady BunchM*A*S*H, Happy Days, The Andy Griffith Show and several others. 

Only one of those characters said the first line in the show overall. Today, we're challenging you to name the character that said the first line on the following shows, with no clues! 

Use that classic TV knowledge you've accumulated over the years for this one... Good luck! 

  1. Who said the first line on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
  2. Who said the first line on Star Trek?
  3. Who said the first line on The Beverly Hillbillies?
  4. Who said the first line on The Andy Griffith Show?
  5. Who said the first line on Bonanza?
  6. Who said the first line on The Brady Bunch?
  7. Who said the first line on Full House?
  8. Who said the first line on Green Acres?
  9. Who said the first line on The Flintstones?
  10. Who said the first line on Leave It to Beaver?
  11. Who said the first line on M*A*S*H?
  12. Who said the first line on Perry Mason?

Who said the first line in these classic TV shows?

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Moverfan 18 months ago
Got 'em all...I don't quite know how...but I got 'em all!
Moriyah 18 months ago
6/12! Lately, I've been noticing that they haven't been promoting hogan's heros a lot this year. I'm kind of hoping that they take it off of here soon because it's been on here since I could remember, and they don't really promote it much. Only on TV will they promote it. And once again, they're not really in any stories or quizzes either
RichLorn 18 months ago
I usually said the first word.
"No way, we're not watching another Hallmark movie!"
oldmoe51 18 months ago
9/12 all guesses but still fun
RedSamRackham 18 months ago
* 11 of 12 Correct! Missed on the M*A*S*H question.
Moverfan RedSamRackham 13 months ago
Threw me a little, too. Then I remembered the guys were playing golf...so the first word spoken on M*A*S*H was somewhat appropriately "Fore!"
GailZavarella 18 months ago
Well, at least I was consistant. I got them all wrong.
crawdad62 GailZavarella 18 months ago
That's actually impressive. You'd think out of 12 odds would be to hit one.
RedSamRackham crawdad62 18 months ago
* Reminds me of those school achievement tests. we were told "If you don't know the answer don't guess. Instead hit the DK option for Don't Know!" I never did DK. I always guessed figuring there'd be a 1 in 4 chance I'd be right. I always scored well on those exams.
CoreyC 18 months ago
Who said the first line on Leave It To Beaver was Ward Cleaver. In the first episodes Ward narrated the opening on what the show is about.
GailZavarella CoreyC 18 months ago
Well, evidentely, that was considered the first word.
dodgebob CoreyC 18 months ago
I'm guessing, but an introduction must not be part of the show, I thought the same thing.
RedSamRackham dodgebob 18 months ago
* When we had to read Vicar Of Wakefield (by Oliver Goldsmith) in high school English class I read entire novel from chapter 1 to the end. On the exam we had to know 1st and last names of Vicar & his family members. I didn't know their last name was Primrose because that was only mentioned in the novel's introduction which I had not read.
dodgebob RedSamRackham 18 months ago
Ahh! If you saw me right now my jaw has dropped.
WayneKeith CoreyC 18 months ago
Exactly! That's why I was kinda surprised he wasn't an option.
Zip 18 months ago

Could usually count on choosing the main character of the show on some of the ones I didn't know. Worked for some of them.
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