Who said it: Wilma Flintstone or Jane Jetson?

Did a prehistoric or futuristic woman say these lines?

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There's plenty of differences between The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Naturally, the time periods are the first to come to mind, as the Flintstone family lives in the Stone Age while the Jetson family soared through the skies in the the 2060s! 

The similarities between the Hanna-Barbera series are pretty clear at times as well. Some of the best and funniest parts about each series is the interactions between husband and wife. Between Fred and Wilma, and George and Jane. 

The wives in each respective series have to put up with a lot, like their husbands' wild ideas, experiments and often outrageous tactics to get rich! 

How well do you know Wilma and Jane? Can you tell them apart from these lines alone? 

Good luck!

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  1. Who said it? "I've fought my last battle at the bulging bus. I need a car!"
  2. Who said it? "I won a trip for two to Hollyrock."
  3. Who said it? "And now that your talents have finally been recognized, I think it's time I live up to our position!"
  4. Who said it? "If I was only 15 again. In fact, if I was only 32, 22, 32 again."
  5. Who said it? "In his present mood I don't dare ask him why he's wearing boxing gloves."
  6. Who said it? "I'm trying out a new apple corer. It works beautifully! What'll they think of next?"
  7. Who said it? "If he only knew how I hate washing, ironing, vacuuming. There ought to be some higher authority a girl can appeal to."
  8. Who said it? "Oh boy, which one? Terry Masonite? Rick Masterson? Mavrock? Oh it doesn't matter, I love them all!"
  9. Who said it? "You and your recording! He's out somewhere. Oh how sneaky!"
  10. Who said it? "His big act at parties is the lampshade on his head routine, and I don't think television is that desperate yet."

Who said it: Wilma Flintstone or Jane Jetson?

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ThomasPotter 19 days ago
Who said it: Wilma Flintstone or Jane Jetson?
You got 10 out of 10
A couple of those questions gave away the answer.
julie1230 12 months ago
10 out of 4
Tresix julie1230 12 months ago
Neat trick, if you can do it.
geatornez82 12 months ago
9/10. Some of them were too obvious because of the "rock" and "stone" references.
cuddles1954 12 months ago
Love both of these cartoons. 8 out 10 is not bad. But I should had gotten 10 out of 10 since I have seen them so many times!!
DanDolgin 12 months ago
9/10, I missed #7. The Jetsons had Rosie the maid so why would Jane have any housework to do?
Tresix DanDolgin 12 months ago
Rosie came later.
Dudeski_69 12 months ago
7 of 10. Should have watched them again. Memory is a losing thing for me!
nightshade 12 months ago
missed number 4 should of remembered the jetsons had a teenager so they were in their 40s or so
Mimi1215 12 months ago
My Result: You got 10 out of 10
You and this score are a perfect match! Just like Jane and this beautiful, futuristic dress! Nice job!
GusSchultz 12 months ago
10/10 Flintstones is my strength, so if I didn’t recognize a line, it had to be Jane. Despite a couple close calls, following my gut proved fruitful. Mbeh-heh-he-ho-ho!
Steve67 12 months ago
9/10 Missed #1 then coasted
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