Which single letter fits into these TV show titles?

There’s The _-Team, _ Troop and _ Squad. Can you fill in these blanks?

Many classic TV shows, especially ones about the police or the military, used acronyms in their names. We’ve asked you about those shows before.

The programs in this quiz utilized only a single letter in their titles. They designate a certain type of group on some shows, stand in for character names on others, and in one case, the entire title is just one letter.

We’ve covered up the title screens of these 10 shows. Can you fill in each one correctly?

  1. Which letter goes in this Western sitcom title?
  2. This Eighties action favorite featured which letter in the title?
  3. What letter did this Lee Marvin gangster drama use?
  4. This Nineties anime had which letter at the end?
  5. This detective series used which vowel?
  6. This Eighties alien series had a one-letter title.
  7. Do you know what letter goes into this short-lived Fifties series?
  8. This Pat Morita sitcom only lasted a handful of episodes in 1976.
  9. This one-season 1989 sitcom featured Jon Cryer in the title role.
  10. This Nineties show had the same two letters in its name.

Which single letter fits into these TV show titles?

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Stardoc 25 days ago
Like I posted elsewhere, I normally miss one. Never heard of Mr. T and Tina and guessed wrong.
MalachiCrunch 25 days ago
Ouch 7 out of 10. Haven't heard of a few of them.
UTZAAKE 1 month ago
10/10; 2EZ.
6. Featured Howard K. Smith as the TV news anchor.
Oldie79 1 month ago
9/10: also missed the last one
Tresix 1 month ago
10/10. I hope I can find the show “Cowboy G-Men”. That title alone is worth a look!
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