Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can remember which TV stars were in these Sixties movies

Famous TV faces appeared in everything from The Sound of Music to The Great Escape.


There are many Sixties TV stars who found even greater fame on the big screen and never looked back. Some talented actors were able to entertain audiences both in movie theaters and living rooms at a time when the film and television industries were seen as two separate spaces.

Here are 15 movies, from the iconic to the obscure, that came out in the 1960s. Can you guess which TV star appeared in each one?

  1. Which Western star brought his charisma to the big screen with this film?
  2. Which sitcom star appeared in this childhood favorite?
  3. Do you remember which TV child star played a member of the von Trapp family in this iconic musical?
  4. Which comedian got serious against Paul Newman in this film?
  5. This sitcom star was a perfect fit for this film.
  6. This action classic featured two TV Western stars. Who was NOT in this film?
  7. Who played a sports reporter in this football movie?
  8. This wacky Disney flick starred which sitcom dad?
  9. Who costarred with Elvis in this movie?
  10. This film led to a TV adaptation with a similar name. Who starred in both?
  11. This cult teen flick starred which two famous Sixties kids?
  12. Speaking of cult-favorite sci-fi, who had a small part in this space adventure?
  13. Who appeared in this zany animal movie?
  14. Which Brady Bunch star appeared alongside Rock Hudson and Doris Day in this film?
  15. Who costarred with Phyllis Diller in this funny flick?

Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can remember which TV stars were in these Sixties movies

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Stardoc 25 months ago
Wow, aced it but only with a lot of guesses. Some of these I never heard of.
retro6 25 months ago
11/15 - good quiz! Some of the movies I hadn’t heard of!
UTZAAKE 25 months ago
12/15; 11, 13 and 15.
7. Fun movie to watch, especially if you love tackle football or the Detroit Lions.
occoastline 25 months ago
I hope more MeTV fans enjoy the quizzes than idiot’s personal opinion’s on current events.
Tresix 25 months ago
14/15. Missed “Lover Come Back”.
Sally 25 months ago
15/15 I guessed on the last one.
25 months ago
I guessed. I can only remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Ghost and Mister Chicken and The Sound of Music. I've never seen the other ones.
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