Which red-headed star was it: Tina Louise or Ann-Margret?

How well do you know their roles?


There's no question that these two fiery actresses put red hair on the map during their careers. Tina Louise and Ann-Margret couldn't have been a more similar pair; both were kicking off their careers around the same time, both were making appearances as guest stars on TV shows, and both were boldly rocking those signature locks.

Both actresses have made sure that their names never left the spotlight. We're curious to know if you ever mixed up the roles these two played.

Do you know which actress was in these movies? Take your best shot!

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  1. Which actress was in Bye Bye Birdie, the story of a teenager who wins the kiss of a lifetime with teen idol Conrad Birdie?
  2. Which actress was in The Stepford Wives, in which a family moves to the perfect – perhaps, too perfect — town?
  3. Which actress played the love interest of two constantly feuding neighbors in Grumpy Old Men?
  4. Which actress plays a fashion buyer who seduces a womanizer, a newsman and her boss's son in Made in Paris?
  5. Which actress is trapped along with the rest of the town by a gang of cowboy thugs in Day of the Outlaw?
  6. Which actress helped New York City's newsboys take down a publishing tycoon in Newsies?
  7. Which actress is at the mercy of a Georgia farmer obsessed with finding gold on his land in God's Little Acre?
  8. Which actress gets caught in the crossfire of Kirk Douglas and Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Villain?
  9. Which actress helps to hold a bank robber hostage on a family farm in Dog Day?
  10. Which actress is in The Hangman, and tries to protect a reformed fugitive from being sent to prison?

Which red-headed star was it: Tina Louise or Ann-Margret?

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Tresix 4 months ago
100%! Tina or Ann-Margret…talk about a no-lose situation!
DerekBird 37 months ago
Missed all but one Tina Louise answer. The only reason I got #2 is because I have Stepford Wives on DVD and knew that Ann Margaret was not in it. I never cared at all for Tina Louise and it shows.
Joe 37 months ago
[image=https://weigel-comments.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/EiHuf-1625552288-Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 2.16.19 AM.jpg]
Tresix 39 months ago
9/10. Missed “Made in Paris”.
trogg888 39 months ago
the two i missed i had never heard of
LisaWilson 52 months ago
I can't believe it. I got them all right! Woo-hoo!
TexasGreek 53 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You have an excellent eye for red-headed actresses. Well done!
Lacey 56 months ago
8/10 I really thought I would do better.
omurphy3113 56 months ago
I love all the MeTV shows. My questions are will Robert Ulrich show be in the next line up and also the television version of Mission Impossible starring PeterGraces. By the way
I am happy for the reruns of Barnaby Jones. Thanks
Geronimo 56 months ago
Geronimo 56 months ago
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Geronimo 56 months ago
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Martin 56 months ago
How do you have a quiz featuring Ann Margaret and not include TOMMY?
anthony Martin 56 months ago
Or 🎶Viva Las Vegas🎶.
BrittReid Martin 56 months ago
Martin 56 months ago
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Martin 56 months ago
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Tresix BrittReid 39 months ago
Those three would have been too easy. Especially “Viva Las Vegas”. Now, “The Swinger” might have confused some people.
hootrs23 Martin 37 months ago
or ''carnal knowledge'' where we get to see some of ann's beauty uncovered?
nerakr 56 months ago
7/10. Not bad considering all of them were guesses.
Dale42 56 months ago
9 out of 10 on the Tina Louise or Ann Margret dang I was going for 100%...
Lantern 56 months ago
The Flintstones episode with Ann Margrock was on just a couple of days ago. Did Ann-Margaret voice that herself?
cperrynaples Lantern 56 months ago
She certainly did, in fact the director of Bye Bye Birdie was a close friend of both Hanna and Barbera, so this was a perfect opportunity to plug the movie! Fun Fact: 35 years later, a live AM sang the title theme to Viva Rock Vegas, the sequel to the 1994 reboot!
Dale42 Lantern 56 months ago
The only thing disappointing about having the flintsones on air at 6pm is that they pulled Mama’s family...thank God for Channel logo..I may hate the rest of Logos lineup but at least they have Mamas family on during Friday & Saturday evenings
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