Which of these shows have aged the best?

Pick which shows still hold up in this fan quiz!


Thanks to MeTV fan Kelley Hayden from Roseville, California, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

One of the best parts about classic television shows is their ability to stand the test of time and entertain just as well today as the day they first aired. Of course, some programs do this better than others.

Which shows do you think still hold up in the 21st century? Make your picks below and see what percentage of people felt the same!

  1. Which of these 1960s sitcoms has aged the best?
  2. Which of these 1970s sitcoms has aged the best?
  3. Which of these family shows has aged the best?
  4. Which of these science fiction shows has aged the best?
  5. Which of these legal dramas has aged the best?
  6. Which of these detective shows has aged the best?
  7. Which of these police procedurals has aged the best?
  8. Which of these westerns has aged the best?
  9. Which of these action shows has aged the best?
  10. Which of these primetime soap operas has aged the best?
  11. Which military show has aged the best?
  12. Which variety show has aged the best?

Which of these shows have aged the best?

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musiclady1170 43 months ago
It asks which ones have AGED the best -- NOT which ones are our FAVORITES. Also, so often on these polls, many people seem to approach it as a quiz -- with right/wrong answers. Just sayin'. 😁
Lilly777 43 months ago
Are you guys trolling with the Happy Days aging the best question? Dang, it is so corny it makes me cringe. It is literally the show that created the phrase "Jump the Shark".
Deleted 43 months ago
This comment has been removed.
trogg888 43 months ago
trogg888 43 months ago
bring back mr ed.it won the golden globe
Diamonds64 43 months ago
That's too bad you feel that way. I grew up with the show and loved it.
Lilly777 43 months ago
Really? It's hilarious imo and finding new fans as we speak. Oh well.
Lacey 43 months ago
Why hasn't LA law "aged" better? Was it so wrapped up in the 80s ?
frances3agape 43 months ago
85 pct similar to the rest of you all (btw, I am Southern, but I don't say "Y'all" like in Mayberry!)

Biggest deviations:

No 2 - 70s sitcom = hard to pick but 22 pct Mary Tyler Moore vs 52 pct All in the Family (which would have been my 2nd choice)

No 7 - police procedurals = stunned only 15 pct Hill Street Blues vs 42 pct Adam-12 (my 2nd choice) and 36 pct Hawaii Five-O

No 4 s- cience fiction = hard to pick but for all of us – 48 pct The Twilight Zone vs 47 pct Star Trek (my 2nd choice). [Aside, I am enjoying the Kolchak reruns]

Would a ranking quiz per genre be too tedious? Or at least the top 2 choices in each?
trogg888 frances3agape 43 months ago
kolchak still holds up
I agree, I think most of the people who participated thought that this was a "which is your favorite" instead of really thinking about which had aged better.
AEDC49 43 months ago
Forgot they also should give multiple choice too! For each answer as a few of each I would have picked 2 from each list! barring #'s 2 & 10! as mentioned below! Aside from none of the above! etc!
frances3agape AEDC49 43 months ago
Same here.
Should have read your comment before I wrote my last sentnce
AEDC49 43 months ago
I'll never know my percentage but that's because I didn't answer #'s 2 & 10 as I can't stand all the 8 shows mentioned and refuse to even support what I can't stand to begin with! also! Yes! they should have none of the above option like any real poll!! people should also do what I do and not be forced to pick from what they like none of the above, if they don't have that option and force you to pick from what you completely don't like don't pick a thing! as you can still see and figure your percentage out!
ThomasPotter AEDC49 4 months ago
It wasn't a "which is your favorite" poll. It was a which has aged better poll. If you can't put aside your personal hatred long enough to participate in a simple questionnaire, then maybe you should seek professional help. And by the way, you sure showed them by not "supporting" quiz answers...
daDoctah 43 months ago
Picked Sonny & Cher (the least popular choice according to the current percentages) for the last one. Ted Ziegler never gets old.
DarioWiter 43 months ago
87% similar! 😁😁😁😁😁
Jeffrey 43 months ago
''65% similar'' -------------------65% Similar to the most popular responses.
UTZAAKE 43 months ago
28% similar.
12. Fighting against the establishment (the monolithic CBS) never, ever goes out of style.
Diz UTZAAKE 43 months ago
Beside them yanking the Smothers Brothers, let's not forget the inexcusable and undignified stupidity behind CBS canceling Bridget Loves Bernie - people who were against religiously mixed marriages.
frances3agape Diz 43 months ago
WOW - interesting tidbit why BLB was cancelled
I liked the Brothers better than Laugh In. Hmm...were they in the same decade?
Diz frances3agape 43 months ago
BLB came on in 1972, three years after the Smothers were canceled. It was in the Top 10 in the ratings (maybe partly due to being slotted between All In The Family and Mary Tyler Moore) but was canceled after one season anyway. Apparently there were threatening phone calls and even bomb threats from groups who didn't want a Catholic/Jewish marriage to be portrayed in a positive light. Too bad. Good parents want their kids to fall in love with and marry whomever they choose.
frances3agape Diz 43 months ago
Sadly, not much has changed in the 48 years since.
Especially recently a lot of nutbags have come out of the woodwork.
Although it can be a tough row to hoe, if different races/religions/ages/etc, if people are truly in LOVE, I have no problem with it
OriginalGreaser 43 months ago
Really!! Carol Burnett over Dean Martin. Dean Martin sang great, told jokes, improvised in comedy sketches, had Las Vegas head liners as guests. Carol Burnett acted in mildly comedic sketches with middle of the road guests. Her sketches were a combination of slap stick nonsense and boring story lines.
OriginalGreaser 43 months ago
This comment has been removed.
trogg888 OriginalGreaser 43 months ago
yes deano was great
FrankCollins 43 months ago
There was no choice that said, "None of the above", which I would have used for two of the questions.
kevopilis 43 months ago
Well, 80%, fair, but it's an opinion piece, I'd choose Star Trek original over
Twilight Zone any day. My favorite thing with Star Trek is naming the episode
in the first 30 seconds.
TJ43 43 months ago
Would have rated Carol Burnett show higher but to much SCREAMING.
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