Can you unlock the secrets of this Twilight Zone fan quiz?

Only the sharpest minds can get everything right in this dimension.


Thanks to MeTV fan Christopher Seeley from Killeen, Texas, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

The Twilight Zone continues to be one of the most influential and beloved science fiction series of all time. It has inspired numerous imitations and countless fan creations.

One such creation is this quiz! How big a fan are you? Can you guess all these facts, figures and trivia? Test your Twilight Zone knowledge below!

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  1. Where was Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling born?
  2. In "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" Ross and Haley had a very eye-opening encounter at which roadside diner?
  3. In "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville," what amount of money did William Feathersmith go back in time with?
  4. In "Showdown with Rance McGrew," the title character encounters which real-life famous outlaw?
  5. In "Time Enough at Last," which book was Henry Bemis reading while on the job?
  6. In "No Time Like the Past," which of the following historical events did Paul Driscoll attempt to change?
  7. In "A Game of Pool," James Howard "Fats" Brown and Jesse Cardiff played which game of pool?
  8. In "Steel," the robotic boxer "Battling Maxo" was which model?
  9. In "Ring-A-Ding Girl," Bunny Blake hailed from which town?
  10. In "To Serve Man," which of following gifts did the Kanamits offer humanity?
  11. In "The After Hours," how much did Marsha's gold thimble cost?
  12. In "Walking Distance," which future child star did Martin Sloan meet during his nostalgic walk home?
  13. In "The Obsolete Man," librarian Romney Wordsworth had which skill?
  14. In "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," the airline initials GSA stand for what?
  15. In "Nick of Time," where did Don and Pat Carter's automobile break down?
  16. In "The Mighty Casey," which of the following was Casey's career aspiration after his heart surgery?
  17. In "The Chaser," how much did Roger Shackleforth pay for a magic love potion?

Can you unlock the secrets of this Twilight Zone fan quiz?

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PulsarStargrave 25 months ago
8/17 SHAMEFUL! And I can't blame it on SEASON 4!
Gary 39 months ago
Not even gonna post my ashamed.......I'll just go back and sit in my corner.....
Filmnoirfan 44 months ago
16/17 - seen them all a dozen times but did not know where Rod was born. Some of the best episodes included in the quiz!
JewelsChuck 44 months ago
7/17 - I’m not really a fan, sometimes I watch it and it’s usually because my husband has it on.
marmetv20 44 months ago
5/17 I watch this show all the time still and missed most of them anyway!
RobertM 44 months ago
I wasn't sure if Rod Serling came from Syracuse or Binghamton--my late father once lived in the latter city, though.
44 months ago
7 out of 17. I have seen every episode of Twight Zone but I must have not paid attention to them.
BobD SheriHeffner 44 months ago
4/17. Ditto.
cyndi1 45 months ago
Can you put Godzilla in the line up?
RoberttheWallace 45 months ago
16/17--Excellent trivia quiz. I've loved this series ever since it first aired, I grew up with " The Twilight Zone ", so that dates me considerably! My only wish Is that MeTV would put a two day Marathon of it like the Sci-Fi Channel has done every 4th of July! What do you say MeTV? ? ?
RoberttheWallace 44 months ago
It's New Years Eve and Day. Decades shows it during the Fourth Of July. Gee thanks Spectrum cable and lical over the air networks for dumping Decades. It's been two years now since I've seen it. On July 4th.
jimmyvici 45 months ago
12/17.....woooweee those were pretty tough.
frances3agape jimmyvici 45 months ago
me too
some seemed easy, but others were downright tough
am ashamed of only 12, but most of my guesses were WRONG
banjones 45 months ago
8 out of 17...I thought I would get a lot more than that. I’ve seen all many times.
Stoney 45 months ago
15 for 17...and this is my favorite show. Good, challenging quiz!
TheDavBow3 45 months ago
Aw forget it. I'd be in The Twilight Zone if I get any questions right
Evan 45 months ago
Oy. How can I miss any???
Big3Fan 45 months ago
8/17 You wouldn't know it, but I'm a huge TWZ fan. The only ones I knew for sure were numbers four and twelve.
ETristanBooth 45 months ago
I'm never going to do well if they ask me about "Steel" and "The Mighty Casey." These are my least favorite episodes and I virtually never watch them.
me too, along with THE GIANT WISH.
STEEL and WISH were just too violent.
With CASEY, I had too much empathy for the losing teams with the robot's unfair pitching strength. Good ending though
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