Pick: What other genre best fits these classic Westerns?

Were these Old West shows more comedy, drama or action?

During the heyday of the television Western, there were dozens of shows depicting many different angles on America’s past. Some portrayed real historical figures, others mentioned real places but used fictional characters and a few took wide artistic liberties with their stories.

While most 19th-century shows that take place in the western half of the U.S. are first and foremost Westerns, they bring elements of many other genres to the table as well.

Which if you couldn't call these shows a "Western," what would you call them? Make your pick and see what percentage of people felt the same way!

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Pick: What other genre best fits these classic Westerns?

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Jeffrey 10 days ago
''63% similar'' ---------------63% similar to the most popular responses.
Filmnoirfan 14 days ago
65% - rarely watched any of those shows
TexasGreek 15 days ago
88% similar
Wild, Wild West is a Steampunk Spy Thriller not Sci-Fi. But, I get where it could be judged as Sci-Fi on an occasion or two. I didn't judge The Rifleman as a family drama. It's kinda' like Action with a permanent threat to Mark if McCain dies in his weekly altercations.
Stoney 15 days ago
Not a big Western fan, but if there was one that counted as a thriller, I'd check it out. Any serious suggestions?
srrainwater 16 days ago
94% similar. Now how do get spurs on.
12topgun 16 days ago
94% . Wish they would show Wild Wild West .
John 16 days ago
Wait, how is Bonanza not a comedy? A 40 year-old widower raising 3 30 year-old sons, one of whom accidentally ordered a Chinese mail-order bride thinking he was buying a case of fireworks?
Angela 17 days ago
82% How I would love to see "The Virginian" again. Some of these shows - "Bonanza", "Gunsmoke" started as serious dramas but progressed to comedy or farce.
Jeffrey Angela 10 days ago
''The Virginian'' is on Grit TV if you get that channel. All Western series and movies all the time.
DavidBartholomew 17 days ago

Some of these were anthology series (Wagon Train) or with multiple stars (Bonanza) changed in style depending on who was featured in the story. Difficult to say if Virginian was an Action (James Drury) or Comedy (Doug McClure)
TheDavBow3 17 days ago
80%. I thought The Wild, Wild West was more of a spy thriller, Bat Masterson was a crime drama and Wagon Train was a drama
cperrynaples 17 days ago
Hey MeTv, are you aware that blackface is racist...LOL!!
C2Cigars cperrynaples 16 days ago
Those are Sock and Buskin, the Comedy and Tragedy masks.
cperrynaples C2Cigars 16 days ago
I know that, but they are supposed to be white! And no, I'm not a Proud Boy...LOL!
BrittReid 18 days ago
The Wild Wild West D. All of the above. Great show.
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