Which of these do you like more, the TV shows or the spin-offs?

See how your TV tastes compare to others.

Television spin-offs arrive every season. Some of them stick around for a while. However, it is a rare few that manage to match the success of the original show. Some might argue that the offspring is better than the parent.

Well, let's put that notion to the test. Below, we've listed some beloved TV shows and one of their popular spin-offs. Heck, a handful of these had multiple spin-offs. If you like one we didn't list, make your case below.

See how your taste stacks up against the others.
  1. Are you staying in Mayberry or joining the Marines?
  2. Are you more of a Fonzie fan or a Squiggy supporter?
  3. Are you spending your TV time in Manhattan or boarding school?
  4. Will you visit Boston or Seattle with your remote control?
  5. Do your Trek tastes run old school or new school? Pick one:
  6. One won Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series. The other, surprisingly, won Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series.
  7. Are you movin' on up — or staying in Queens?
  8. Are you riding the choo choo or buying the farm?
  9. Who is your superhero?
  10. You can catch them both Saturdays on MeTV. But pick one Western.
  11. Are you spending time with the Harpers or you want many more characters?
  12. Which Jack Webb police show would you do time for?
Which of these do you like more, the TV shows or the spin-offs?

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