Can you guess the TV show from just two unique character names?

Who paired Coffee and Candy? Leather and Bag?


TV writers sure can come up with some clever character names. Classic television gave us Beaver, Goober, Radar, Hoss, Rowdy, Screech and Squiggy.

We've come up with some pairs that are unique to certain shows. 

See if you can match these twosomes to the correct title!

  1. This charming sitcom buzzed along with Asa and Bee.
  2. Both Leather and Bag were recurring characters on this sitcom.
  3. Skippy and Mallory were young characters on this Eighties staple.
  4. This cartoon gem hopped along with Pearl and Hoppy.
  5. This show sported both an Ace and a Gopher.
  6. This Seventies show served up Fish with Wojo.
  7. This Western offered both Sheriff Coffee and Candy.
  8. This Western had Toothless and Mushy.
  9. Where could you find Zelda and Winifred as regular characters?
  10. How about Zelmo and Igor?
  11. This sitcom had characters named Tiger and Blue Fox. One of them was female.
  12. Where could you find young'uns named Tooey and Whitey?
  13. Hot Dog and Frank were partners for a season of this series — though you know Frank by another nickname.
  14. Finally, this sitcom had Alf and Newt in a few dozen episodes.

Can you guess the TV show from just two unique character names?

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CaptainDunsel 46 months ago
(adjusted for the usual misregister of one answer)
Some details in the reveals would have been nice.
Laura 46 months ago
7-14 way out of my
marleo8 46 months ago
Ohhh!! I need to hang my head in shame. I got 9/14. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️. Lol.
hermanstein2015 marleo8 46 months ago
No need to worry, we all got taken just now lol
FrankensteinLover 46 months ago
If we Were in School, I'd be Kicked out 6 of 14.
hermanstein2015 46 months ago
5 out of 14 what a terrible turnout.
kimmer hermanstein2015 46 months ago
It really was tough..but we all tried!!!
hermanstein2015 kimmer 46 months ago
As Andy said "Just do the best you can, and that's all I'll ever ask of you!"
Bob 47 months ago
11/14. Some tough ones in there.
kimmer 47 months ago
13/ held my breath 'til the end....
hermanstein2015 kimmer 46 months ago
It was rough lol
JewelsChuck 47 months ago
10/14....I’m not too good today.😏
Jeffrey 47 months ago
''You got 12 out of 14'' -----------Gotta love classic TV! Where else can you find a Canary named Candy? I got 10 and 13 wrong.
RobertK 47 months ago
10 of 14. A few lucky guesses helped me on this one!!
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