Which M*A*S*H guest star said these lines?

The stars were shining in their roles, but who said these lines?

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Ron Howard, John Ritter, and Pat Morita were a few familiar faces that appeared on episodes of M*A*S*H. Ron Howard was Wendell on the episode, "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet," as a wounded underaged soldier who tricked his way into action by lying about his age.

John Ritter and Pat Morita could both be seen in the episode "Deal Me Out," and their characters, Pvt. Carter and Capt. Sam Pak, didn't dissapoint.

Do you remember their special appearances? Can you guess who said what? Good luck!

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  1. Who said: "You've got no clothes on."
  2. Who said: "We was goin' steady, then she dumps me."
  3. Who said: "Earrings with a sweater?"
  4. Who said: "Read any good commandments lately?"
  5. Who said: "I don't care about no pain, I just want to get back to the fightin'."
  6. Who said: "You're not sendin' me home."
  7. Who said: "If I want to chew the fat, I'll eat a sandwhich."
  8. Who said: "Stuff it, Major."

Which M*A*S*H guest star said these lines?

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