Can you correctly guess what show Larry Linville is in?

It was easy to spot the Frank Burns in these other Larry Linville characters.


Larry Linville shot to stardom after appearing on M*A*S*H for the first five of the show's 11-year run. 

Maj. Frank Burns became the character everyone loved to hate (and it was easy to see why). He battled with the rest of the 4077th, had an affair with Houlihan and ordered everyone around with haste. Linville will forever be tied to his character of Burns, but the series wasn't the only notable appearance on television for the actor. 

He played other authoritative figures, and it's entertaining to see his Burns style (mean, loud and bossy) pop up as another character.

Take a look at all of the Larry Linville images below, and try to correctly guess which show he is in. 

Good luck!

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  1. What series is Larry Linville in?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  2. What series is Larry Linville in?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  3. What series is Larry Linville in?
  4. Here he's channeling his inner Frank Burns with a scold! Can you pick the right show here?
  5. What series is Larry Linville in?
  6. Which cop series is this image of Larry Linville from?
  7. He's got car trouble on...
  8. What series is Larry Linville in?
  9. What series is Larry Linville in?
  10. What series is Larry Linville in?

Can you correctly guess what show Larry Linville is in?

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jd4862 16 months ago
2/10 Only other thing I remember him in aside from MASH is an episode of CHiPS.
BritBuch91 jd4862 16 months ago
Only other show I ever saw him in was Airwolf... I got 5/10, most was just lucky guesses
JERRY6 16 months ago
7 not bad easy missed the first 2 and hit the wrong button on binnanza , first 2 had no clue . The othrs were easy as the pic gavw it away
AnnieM 16 months ago
6/10 here. Regarding his Kolchak episode, I've always thought he played his cop character as pretty much Frank Burns as a cop. I guess that tracks, since he was still playing Frank on M*A*S*H at the time.
Maverick66 16 months ago
5/10. Was waiting to see his appearance on The Rockford Files, but it never came.
MrsPhilHarris 16 months ago
8/10 All guesses except the one with Charo. I could only be Love Boat.
CoreyC 16 months ago
Larry Linville played Florence's boss in The Jefferson's failed spinoff.
cperrynaples CoreyC 16 months ago
And you almost answered my other bonus question! Well, what was it?
LoveMETV22 cperrynaples 16 months ago
Maybe you'll get lucky and someone "Checking" the rooms will provide an answer "In" regard to your question.
teire 16 months ago
6/10, tricky for me. Fun to see Charo, she helped me get number 9 right.
cperrynaples teire 16 months ago
Well, you answered one of my bonus questions...LOL!
Mblack 16 months ago
He was on Murder She Wrote, afull cast of famous actors.
cperrynaples 16 months ago
9/10! Missed 6! Bonus Questions: [1] 2 was proably from the pilot of what Jeffersons spin-off? [2] The bride in 9 is what constant Love Boat guest? Hint: It AIN'T Florence Henderson...LOL!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 16 months ago
PS How could you forget Grandpa Goes To Washington where Linville played Jack Albertson's "Fathead" son? This time, he was in the Air Force instead of the Army!
CoreyC cperrynaples 16 months ago
Love Boat's favorite passenger April aka Charo.
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