Which M*A*S*H character do these items belong to?

What character comes to mind when you see these items?

Any given M*A*S*H character can stand out for a number of different reasons. Hawkeye stands out for his humor and quick retorts, while Frank Burns stands out for the exact opposite, as he is stern and by the book. 

Actions, phrases and army titles aside, the following items are a good way to differentiate several of the main characters. 

Below are outfits, accessories and possessions to various M*A*S*H characters. Do you know who they belong to?

Take our quiz and find out! 

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  1. Who wears this pink top?
  2. Who can be seen sporting this Illinois Fighting Illini sweatshirt?
  3. Who does this hat belong to?
  4. What about this one?
  5. This outfit/necklace combo belongs to...
  6. Who did this motorcycle belong to?
  7. Who wears this hat at the 4077th?
  8. This hat belongs on the head of...
  9. Who at the 4077th wears this robe?
  10. This headwear belongs to...
  11. Who wears this hat?
  12. Who does this robe belong to?
  13. Who can be seen holding this?
  14. This hat goes on...

Which M*A*S*H character do these items belong to?

Your Result...

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Spock123 2 hours ago
Just lucky, I guessed on some of the items. Just like in grade school, I never ACE the quiz. Tim in California
mauigreek 4 days ago
Im so disappointed in myself! Complete series on dvd, watch it every night on Metv and I missed 2?! I must gave old timers disease, lol
nkuchta 7 days ago
13/14...thought the hair curlers were Margaret's. I've been watching Mash for 50 years!!! My babysitter let me watch the first episode!
RS1515 8 days ago
14/14. I always been a fan of MASH.
Stardoc 8 days ago
My wife would disown me if I failed this one. I’ve been watching MASH for about 2 years straight now, every Sunday through Friday.
Stardoc Stardoc 8 days ago
Oh 14/14.
tacoshow 12 days ago
Bad_Pizza tacoshow 10 days ago
14/14 SON! 4077 ALL DAY!
JenniferSweitzer 13 days ago
Wouldve gotten 14 out of 14 but the page jumped when I was choosing the correct answer, Col. Potter's Cavalry hat. Cmon, who wouldnt recognize that one? I call SHENANIGANS. 😂😁
Zip 15 days ago
As Darth Vader said when he thought he had Luke Skywalker trapped in the carbonite freezing chamber... :"All too easy."
RS1515 Zip 8 days ago
They should had made it a little harder by throwing in something like one of Col. Flag's disguises.
Greek1 15 days ago
12/14 and I’m not a MASH fan
Wenatchee7 15 days ago
14/14 I thought I'd have to guess on a few but didn't need too.
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