Do you know the middle initial for all these classic TV characters?

Captain Kirk, Colonel Potter and even Thing from The Addams Family used a middle initial.

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Adding a middle initial to a character’s name often made them seem more sophisticated, although one Ernest Bass from The Andy Griffith Show might disprove that notion.

All the characters in this quiz either used a middle initial whenever introducing themselves or revealed the first letter of their second name in memorable episodes. We know what a few of these letters stand for but some are still a mystery!

See if you remember which letter goes between the first and last names of these classic TV characters.

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  1. James _ Kirk
  2. Wile _ Coyote
  3. Ernest _ Bass
  4. Maynard _ Krebs
  5. Thing _ Thing
  6. Fred _ Sanford
  7. Sherman _ Potter
  8. Maxwell _ Klinger
  9. This teenager on Family Ties was Alex _ Keaton.
  10. The sheriff on The Dukes of Hazzard was Rosco _ Coltrane.
  11. George Jetson’s boss was Cosmo _ Spacely.
  12. The Twilight Zone featured a man who liked loud noises named Roswell _ Flemington.

Do you know the middle initial for all these classic TV characters?

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Lillyrose 20 months ago
9 out of 12. Alex P. Keaton was hilarious!
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Three Stooges Short
Moe Howard Larry Fine and
Joe Besser
AllisonWunderland 21 months ago
7/12…How could you forget 6 & 10 💁‍♀️😂
…oops, forgot #3 🤦‍♀️
Tracye 21 months ago
10/12 can't believe I missed #11 the Jetsons and missed 12 but never really watched the Twilight Zone.
Coldnorth 21 months ago
9/12 was hoping for a higher score, but nope
Catnaps 21 months ago
Started dismally. Brought it back for 7/12.
TheOnlyONE 21 months ago
12/12. Technically question one is incorrect. In the first episode of Star Trek starring William Shatner, James kirk's name on his tombstone clearly showed his Middle initial as James "R" Kirk. In later episodes he was known as James T. (Tiberius) Kirk.
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