Which classic TV show best matches your aesthetic?

Is your sense of style more sitcom or sci-fi? Find out now!

Your sense of style is part of what makes you distinct. But it's also quietly been shaped by the pop culture you love. 

That's why we think there's a clear connection between the way you decorate your home and the TV shows you love.

Here, we put that theory to the test. Just answer the following questions by choosing the most aesthetically pleasing image, and we'll reveal which TV show syncs up with your impeccable tastes, from the style of your dream house to the landscapes you love to take in. 

See if we can nail your sense of style in just six questions!

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  1. Choose the landscape you find the most aesthetically pleasing:
  2. Now, do the same, only with the cityscape that appeals to you most:
  3. Moving on, which vehicle would you be most tempted to go cruising in?
  4. You arrive home. Which house would you wish was yours?
  5. Next, we head inside the house. Which interior design appeals to you most?
  6. Heading back out into the world for the final question. Which landscape appeals to you most?

Which classic TV show best matches your aesthetic?

Your Result...

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idkwut2use 9 months ago
Brady Bunch. Kinda what I expected!
WILD 31 months ago
I got The Twilight Zone. Minimalist, stark and picture-perfect, we're guessing there's not a thing or hair out of place in your world, which only makes it that much more intriguing to stare at.
ndebrabant 31 months ago

You got The Brady Bunch
There's just something about everything matching in muted shades that speaks to you. Good thing for you that the '70s is the decade stylists return to the most!
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