Is this Petticoat Junction or Green Acres?

Was it Petticoat Acres? Or Green Junction?

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On paper, this should be an easy quiz. All you need to do is tell apart two distinctive TV shows. But the plot thickens: Is it Green Junction? Petticoat Acres? Do you know the difference between these two Hooterville shows?

You pick the series; we'll tell you if you're right or wrong! Make sure to share your thoughts and score in the comment section below!

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  1. Which is it?
  2. How about here?
  3. And this one?
  4. What about this one?
  5. Getting trickier!
  6. Where's this from?
  7. How about this image?
  8. This beautiful nature shot... Where's it from?
  9. What show had this pickup truck?
  10. Where is this image from?

Is this Petticoat Junction or Green Acres?

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WGH 3 months ago
Missed #10.

Where the heck is that from?
JDWJDW2 6 months ago
I always liked both shows especially Lisa Douglass, Billy Jo, Bobby Jo, and Betty Jo. Eva Gabor and Lori Saunders were both especially beautiful. Then there was good old Uncle Joe and Kate Bradley. Who in their right minds could dislike Kate and all that country cooking or Uncle Joe and Sam Drucker pitching horse shoes.
jwolf15151 8 months ago
Darn it! I missed 1
You got 9 out of 10
We won't say we're surprised you did so well. But we are impressed!
Rita6868 8 months ago
8 out of 10.Missed 8&9.
Love Petticoat Junction but Green Acres is where I'd rather be.
I watch Mr.Kimbal every wk night.He to me made that show great.
I love Lisa,Oliver,Ralph and her brother.Arnold is very funny! Love when Eb called Oliver Dad.The writers were nuts!
I watched this show during it's original run and still watch it every week night.Thanks MeTV!
Dysall Rita6868 7 months ago
We both missed #8 and #9
Dadiyo 8 months ago
10/10 watched it all the time both
JazEveGan 8 months ago
8/10 I'm surprised I got that many right. It's been awhile since I've seen the shows
Coldnorth 8 months ago
9/10 good score. Watched the reruns enough. I shouldn’t missed any
J59W 8 months ago
10/10, but lucky guesses on two of them.
Glornt 8 months ago
Started off 0/1, finished 9/10. That first one just didn't ring a bell; there weren't many cars on PJ.
Snickers 8 months ago
8/10 I know Green Acres but not Petticoat Junction that well.
Fred_Clampett 8 months ago
9 of 10. I watched Green Acres a lot. If I didn't remember it from Green Acres, I said Petticoat Junction. The scene in the woods could have been from either show, which is the one I missed.
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