What year in the Seventies gave us all these pop culture goodies?

Dig through these old TV guides, movie posters and candy wrappers and see if you can figure out what year you're in.

It seems like every year the 1970s come back, but only folks who were really there know what it was like to experience these trends in waves year after year.

That's why we think you have an edge when it comes to today's quiz.

Below, we've gathered TV shows, candies, movies, albums and more pop culture goodness that all debuted in the same exact year in the 1970s. Your challenge? Scroll through the images below and guess what year we're in. Only super-Seventies fanatics can consider this one question quiz a total no-brainer.
  1. Scroll through these TV guide covers, movie posters, candy wrappers and more, then guess what year gave us all this pop culture:
    Images: TV Guide / Wishbook Web / Jason Liebig / Collecting Candy / Target / YouTube / logos.wikia.com

What year in the Seventies gave us all these pop culture goodies?

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DylanSelf 3 months ago
Annie Hall came out in 1977. I know because it was the reason Star Wars didn't win Best Picture.
RogerWaibel 20 months ago
Hotel California was released in 1977. Someone should research these things before posting. There's enough misinformation in social media.

ForTheWing RogerWaibel 4 months ago
The single was released in '77. The album was released on Dec 8 '76.
chudmdb 27 months ago
Wrong. Annie Hall came out in 77
TVFF 27 months ago
Narrowed it down to two choices and then went with my gut feeling and got it right. Boss.
KathyMcKinny 59 months ago
got BOSS, only cause I knew the year Laverne & Shirley premiered
Amalthea 59 months ago
Boss. "Rocky" was a dead giveaway. If you don't know ANY of the others, the very theme of Rocky gives it.
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